This article is about the StarForge Station built in the last century of the Galactic Republic.
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StarForge Station was a shadowport deep in the StarForge Nebula in Ado sector, which serviced illegal traffic along the Ado Spine. Other denizens included Rayt and Chidee Na Maak.


A shootout taking place on StarForge Station

It was originally constructed as a theoretically legal base on a small, nameless planetoid tumbling through the nebula 70 years before the Galactic Civil War by Muo Glandish, a small-time smuggler. It was mostly built out of junked starships that remained from the battles fought within the nebula. After Glandish's murder, the station administration fell first to his friends, and later to a Council of Tenants who voted on the administrator, who dealt with the day-to-day operations of the station. No transfer fee was ever paid on the station, though nobody in the Galactic Republic seemed to care.[1]

StarForge declared neutrality early in the Clone Wars, and surprisingly both the Republic and CIS respected that decision. Both sides used its repair facilities from time to time and neither was willing to spare the ships to conquer the small station. After the Clone Wars the station became a common meeting place for those on the run from the Empire. Even Imperial agents found it as a good place to meet with underworlds contacts.[1]

As of the Galactic Civil War, the station had a population of nearly 10,000 sentients and possessed dozens of warehouses, repair bays, cyberdocs, eating establishments, quarters, facilities for vessels up to capital ship size, and the invaluable StarForge Shipyard. The station was hyperspace capable and often changed location, which (along with complacent sector government and the scale of the StarForge Nebula) helped keep the shadowport from falling to Sector Rangers or the Imperial Starfleet, commanded by Moff Irnst Stavveld. With groups from Hutt kajidics to Bothan Spynet warning the station when to move, it always managed to escape Imperial raids.[1]

Crost Lib'eyay was Administrator of the station somewhen during the Galactic Civil War.

StarForge Station

In 0 ABY, the rogue Nebulon-B frigate Far Orbit arrived at StarForge Station, recruited replacement crew, and formally became a Rebel privateer. After the Emperor's death Imperial Remnant began using the station for supplies and repairs as well. The Yuuzhan Vong never came across the station either, which allowed it to survive yet another war intact.[1]



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