The StarHauler-class drone barge was a long line of starships made by the Corellian Engineering Corporation. It produced more than 24 different versions of the starship.


Like other drone barges, the StarHauler-class had no living quarters or life-support systems though their cramped corridors could sustain a limited atmosphere. However, these vessels were more vulnerable to accidents or piracy than those with organic crews.


On large starship-manufacturing worlds like Fondor, the StarHaulers would remain at surface landing pads when not making runs due to their gigantic size. Over a series of days, both the internal cargo holds and the external tanks would be loaded with industrial waste generated by shipyard construction or resource mining. When these vessels reached their full capacity, they would lift off en masse using both their repulsors and sublight engines to make their way to wherever their automated beacon marking was located.

With Luke Skywalker aboard, Tanith Shire stole one of these barges and crashed it on Ophideraan.



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