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"Star Tours is proud to introduce the StarSpeeder 3000. The most advanced transport of its kind in existence. With high-speed warp drive and a travel range of over one billion lightyears, the 3000 makes touring the galaxy safe and comfortable."
―A Star Tours announcer[src]

The StarSpeeder 3000 was a transport spacecraft used by the Star Tours travel agency. It had room to carry up to 40 passengers. It is unknown what company designed the craft, but they were produced sometime around the Battle of Hoth.[source?]


"What's this, do my sensors deceive me? Or are there really passengers out there? Gee, I hope the new StarSpeeders run better then the one that brought me here. What a bucket of bolts! You'd never get me on one of those things again in a billion lightyears."

A StarSpeeder 3000 on Endor

The StarSpeeder 3000s were very similar in to their predecessors, the StarSpeeder 1000s, both in shape and equipment. The craft was still boxy, with a downwardly angled front side, and still featured the usual five automated doors on both starboard and portside. With its five seating rows, the 3000 could still be boarded by no more than forty passengers at a time. Like with the StarSpeeder 1000, an astromech droid was loaded in a socket at the bow of the ship.[2]

Those transports were normally piloted by an RX-Series pilot droid, assisted by its astromech droid navigator. The ship was considered fast and maneuverable for a transport. Given the lowered risk usually involved in interplanetary tourism, the StarSpeeder 3000 was equipped only with minimal deflector shields and two simple blaster cannons. However, the tour brochure indicated that the hyperdrive, or "warp drive," was fairly advanced. Despite the agency's claim that the ships themselves were highly advanced, they were often in need of repair.[2]


Years after Star Tours went out of business, many StarSpeeder 3000s remained in service as late 19 ABY, when many could be seen operating around the planet Di'wor.[4]

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"Warp drive" is the primary means of propulsion for vehicles in Star Trek. Many early Star Wars tie-in media products mistakenly used this term for the faster-than-light drives of Star Wars ships, which are properly known as "hyperdrives."

With the launch of the new Star Tours: The Adventures Continue attraction at three Disney Parks, passengers ride a new starship. The new ship, called the StarSpeeder 1000, is white with an orange pinstripe, while the StarSpeeder 3000 is white with a blue pinstripe.[5] While sources state the 1000 was manufactured by Sacul Aerospace, there is no such information about the similarly designed 3000.


Starspeeder 3000 specifications

Technical specifications for the StarSpeeder 3000


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