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Please update the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished. is the official website for the Star Wars franchise. Founded in November of 1996, it is run by Lucas Online, the online entertainment arm of Lucasfilm Ltd. The site has undergone frequent redesigns throughout its history, often motivated by the current Star Wars film in production. The content development team includes Bonnie Burton and Pete Vilmur. The content production and design team, managed by Nicole Love, includes Dennis VonGalle, Mike Young, and Craig Drake.

The site is divided into a number of sections, including news, video, events, films, TV shows, gaming. community and databank. There was formerly a section known as Hyperspace, which was only accessible to paid members. One popular segment of the site was the Databank, which was replaced by the Encyclopedia in September 2011, and finally new Databank then replaced the Encyclopedia in July 2014.



Original logo of from 1996 was launched in 1996 to help market the upcoming 1997 release of the Special Edition Star Wars Trilogy. It was the first official movie website to post video documentaries in anticipation of a theatrical release, with the multi-part "Anatomy of a Dewback" series. Following the release of the Special Edition Trilogy, focused its attention on Episode I, providing news updates, behind-the-scenes features and the popular web documentary ("webdoc") series "Making Episode I," which was also known as "Lynne's Diaries" as installments were often introduced by Lucasfilm's Head of Public Relations, Lynne Hale. In 1998, when it first hosted the Episode I teaser trailer, broke download records in a major milestone of Internet events.

After the release of Episode I, diversified its content to include coverage of the Expanded Universe and community activities. It adopted its multi-section model in the build-up to Episode II. During Episode II's production, posted weekly videos hosted by Ahmed Best from the set of production, entitled "on location." It also posted a photo or image hand-picked by George Lucas every week as a "George Lucas Select." It was during this period that supplemented its online coverage with a biweekly newsletter, the Homing Beacon.

Right before Episode III started principal photography, introduced a pay-service component to its coverage. For an annual subscription rate of $19.99, subscribers would have access to exclusive coverage, including daily Set Diaries from Australia, a live webcam broadcasting from the set, online chats, and exclusive archival content, such as the deleted Episode II scene "Jedi Attack on the Control Ship" and classic reprints of the original Bantha Tracks newsletter.

In 2004, with the transfer of the Star Wars Insider license from Paizo Publishing to IDG Entertainment, the Official Fan Club ceased to be a licensed property and returned in-house to Lucasfilm, where it became part of Hyperspace. The online subscriber service was renamed Hyperspace: The Official Star Wars Fan Club. Also that same year, Lucasfilm entered the direct retail business for the first time with the opening of

In October 2006, was voted as best Official Movie Site at's first annual readers' poll. In December 2006, the site recognized its ten-year milestone as item number 10 of its "Best of 2006."[1] April 30, 2007 brought Visual Guides to the website, but only for a limited run of seven chapters, before being discontinued indefinitely. On May 24, 2007, the main page of the site underwent a major refurbishment at the start of Celebration IV. Beginning in April 2008, the site's regular update schedule was altered, with stories being posted increasingly less frequently. While the weekly polls rotated and a new page was added to promote the new The Clone Wars film, the site did not post any new updates from May 29 until it relaunched with a new design on July 1, 2008.

The New Official Star Wars site

A commonly seen graphic on the 2008–2011 incarnation of

The new site was more Flash-based, but much of the site's content was never converted for the newer format. Fan reaction to the new site was decidedly negative, with an outpouring of complaints on message boards regarding the new look, the vast amount of missing content (something the fans paid for with their Hyperspace subscriptions but no longer had access to), and the non-user-friendly navigation.[2]

On September 13, 2011, another massive overhaul of the website occurred, part of a wider-spanning streamlining of content. This included the discontinuation of the site forums, the end of the members-only Hyperspace Club, and later the closing of the site blog pages. The Databank was converted into an on-site Encyclopedia, which included links to Wookieepedia articles for its subjects. The online store ceased centralized operations, becoming a reference hub to external sites of licensed online vendors of official merchandise.



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Art of RevengeEdit

Ask the Jedi CouncilEdit

"Ask the Jedi Council" was a section in the official Star Wars website where selected members of the production crew answered questions raised by fans. The section was shut down in 2005 and replaced with a "Questions and Answers" section that includes all previous "Ask the Jedi Council" questions.[3]

Communications DisruptionEdit

Communications Disruption was a weekly image gallery consisting of rare, behind-the-scenes and fan-based images. Users submitted witty comments to accompany the images with a winning entry used to caption the image.


The Databank is the official online Star Wars encyclopedia. It debuted in 2014, when it replaced the Encyclopedia.

The Encyclopedia did not comprehensively cover all aspects of the Star Wars saga and Expanded Universe material. Many of its pages were related to Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series, and a great amount of material was not included, since the Encyclopedia largely focused on recent aspects of Star Wars, as opposed to the minutiae covered on this site—for example, material from the second half of The New Jedi Order series, The Dark Nest Trilogy and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.

The Encyclopedia appeared in 2011, when it replaced the original Databank. This Databank's content was divided into Characters, Locations, Species, Creatures, Technology, Vehicles and Starships, and also categorized by Episode appearance. It included hundreds of Expanded Universe articles explaining characters that were in the movies and their adventures along with Expanded Universe planets and technology.

Episode I SnapshotEdit

Episode II SelectEdit

Episode IV Classic MomentsEdit

Episode V Classic MomentsEdit

Episode VI Classic MomentsEdit

Homing Beacon (newsletter)Edit

A bi-weekly e-newsletter that consisted of unique source articles.

Image AttackEdit

Image Attack was a feature of showcasing 294 behind-the-scenes images from Episode II.


Hyperspace began in 2003 as a pay service on, and in 2004 became the official Star Wars fan club. It has member-exclusive webstrips, behind-the-scenes features, and other exclusive material, such as exclusive items to buy on Originally, U.S. subscribers to Hyperspace also became Fan Club members and received subscriptions to the Star Wars Insider magazine. This was later changed so that subscribers could choose which services they wished to receive. The Hyperspace service was discontinued with the 2011 reformat of the site.

DVD-ROM Exclusive ContentEdit

Owners of the Star Wars DVDs had access to an exclusive section of the site that provided "Behind the Scenes" commentary for all six films. This feature is no longer available.

News and Other FeaturesEdit has updated news about many different Star Wars topics like the Expanded Universe, Episode III and Star Wars in general. It updates every weekday, around 5 to 6 p.m. Pacific time, as the content team is situated in San Francisco, California at the Lucasfilm headquarters at the Presidio. Other notable sections include The Clone Wars, StarWarsKids and Community.

Its news headlines are distributed via an RSS feed that many fan sites have incorporated into their front-page designs, including

Sith SnapshotsEdit

Star Wars: BlogsEdit

Hyperspace members were able to create a blog at and visit other fans' blogs. Visitors could comment on blogs but could not create a blog without being a member of Hyperspace.

Some notable Star Wars celebrities created Star Wars blogs in the past, which were VIP blogs that only Hyperspace members could comment on.

During Celebration IV in the summer of 2007, launched the Official Star Wars Blog at Message BoardsEdit

The Star Wars Message Boards were a moderated community where fans could post messages about anything from the movies to the Expanded Universe to even non–Star Wars topics. The boards were closed on June 3, 2011.

Star Wars KidsEdit

Star Wars Kids was a segment of the site aimed at younger fans. It contained games, quizzes, news, arts and crafts, recipes, and other activities. Beginning in summer 2008, the section focused heavily on Star Wars: The Clone Wars.[4]

Visual GuidesEdit

An in-depth look behind the scenes at Episode IV appears in a series of updates containing screenplay sections, rare photographs, trivia, and annotated screenshots.


Within the Star Wars universe, was the HoloNet address of an extensive list of historical resources.[5] In the Star Wars: The Clone Wars theatrical film, Aurebesh billboards outside Ziro's club read "WWW STARWARS COM."[6]


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