The Star Commuter 2000 was a model of unarmed hyperdrive-equipped shuttle manufactured by Sacul Industries. The shuttles, small ferry craft which were piloted by RX-Series droids,[1] were used to transport travelers on short trips between nearby planets.[5] Passengers used a hatch/boarding ramp on the port side, close to the front. They featured two rows of double seating and a seatbelt for each seat. Directly behind the seats was the rear area of the craft, where the passengers' droids were to stand according to Imperial regulations.[2]


By 3272 LY,[6] Lothal was linked to Garel by ST-45, which was piloted by the droid named RX-24. That year, the rebel crew of the starship Ghost booked passage for Garel aboard shuttle ST-45 as part of a scheme to gain information from Maketh Tua, an on-board Imperial minister.[2]

When the Spectres returned to Lothal in an attempt to extract Minister Tua, who had contacted them wishing to defect from the Empire, they flew in one of these shuttles.[7]

By 34 ABY, some of these shuttles were still in use, as Resistance Commander Poe Dameron took newly-recruited spy Kazuda Xiono to Castilon in one.[8]

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