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The Scimitar, a heavily-modified Star Courier

A Star Courier was a type of starship manufactured by Republic Sienar Systems for wealthy diplomats and business executives who traveled in dangerous areas. The Star Courier had a central spherical cabin for crew and passengers, and an experimental high-temperature ion engine system that required large radiator panels, which folded inward during landings. The courier's defenses included laser cannons and exotic sensor systems.[1]

Declassified records from Imperial Facility 729-D[1] revealed the existence of the Scimitar was a heavily-modified Star Courier with numerous added capabilities, including six laser cannons, spy and surveillance gear, interrogator droids, and a cloaking device. The Sith Lord Darth Maul owned the Scimitar, and also carried his FC-20 speeder bike Bloodfin aboard.

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