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The Star Forge was an orbital factory in construction above the Unknown Regions planet Tulpaa following the collapse of the Infinite Empire. It was a smaller version of the Infinite Empire's original Star Forge facility, which was located in the Lehon system and was capable of producing warships and battle droids. Similarly, the Star Forge over Tulpaa featured creation engines that were fueled by the dark side of the Force.

The construction of the Tulpaa Star Forge was carried out by the Tulpaa tribe, one of the most technologically advanced Rakatan societies following the fall of the Infinite Empire. The construction project was a point of competition between Tulpaa and the planet Makatak, which was building a similar orbital station.


The Star Forge was a space station being built in orbit around Tulpaa, a planet[1] in the Unknown Regions' Tulpaa system.[2] It was a scaled-down version of the original Star Forge,[1] an orbital factory built by the Infinite Empire of the Rakata species in the Lehon system prior to the empire's collapse[3] around 25,200 BBY.[4]

The original Star Forge was powered by the dark side of the Force[5] and was capable of nearly-infinite output[3] of warships and battle droids.[6] At the size of half a kilometer, the Tulpaa Star Forge, which featured a metal skeleton, was much smaller than its predecessor yet still had dark side–powered creation engines on-board.[1]


The Tulpaa Star Forge was modeled after the original Star Forge (pictured) of the Lehon system.

The construction of the Tulpaa Star Forge was initiated by the Rakata's Tulpaa tribe, one of several such groups that fled the implosion of the Infinite Empire and settled planets that came to be collectively known as the Rakatan Archipelago. Due to a plague severing the Rakatan species' innate connection to the Force during the Infinite Empire's collapse, those tribes were no longer able to use the advanced Force-powered Rakatan technology left behind. Although the tribes of the Rakatan Archipelago eventually regressed into primitivism, over time the Tulpaa tribe emerged as one of the most advanced surviving Rakatan societies.[1]

The Tulpaa tribe started the construction of the miniaturized Star Forge, in the process competing with the Rakatan tribe of the planet Makatak, which was also building a similar station. At some point, Ruthic, one of the tribe's Elder priests, began gradually developing a sensitivity to the Force, in which she was unique among the Rakata. Ruthic became the head of the Tulpaa tribe after exiling the former leaders into a Rakatan mind prison device.[1]

From the same device, Ruthic released the Sith magician Raspir, who, as a practitioner of the dark side of the Force, provided wise advice to Ruthic on how to bend the manufacturing facilities of the Star Forge to her will. By that time, the skeleton of the orbital station was already taking shape in Tulpaa's skies.[1]

At some point, a group of individuals targeted the Tulpaa Star Forge for sabotage.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Star Forge of Tulpaa was mentioned in The Unknown Regions, a sourcebook for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game that was developed by Wizards of the Coast. The Unknown Regions was written by Sterling Hershey, Rodney Thompson, and Daniel Wallace, and was published in 2010. The book includes an adventure seed featuring the Star Forge for use with the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. This article assumes full completion of that scenario.[1]


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