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The Star Galleon-class frigate was an armed cargo freighter and escort frigate used by the Imperial Navy. The Star Galleon-class was manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards.


Star Galleons in a convoy

The Star Galleon-class frigate was another Imperial success for Kuat. Even if an attacker was able to withstand a Star Galleon-class ship's concussion missile launcher and ten turbolasers, or break through its shields, it was difficult to steal its cargo. The interior contained sophisticated anti-intruder defenses, and was defended by a ship's complement of up to three hundred troopers.

As a last resort, the cargo hold could actually be detached, and sent into hyperspace as a separate vessel, similar to an escape pod. A built-in homing device allowed Imperial agents to track the cargo hold as it automatically jumped at random through hyperspace.[3]


A doomed Star galleon ejects its cargo pod

Despite the promise of safety and security in the Galactic Empire, Imperial freighters were being attacked or stolen at an alarming rate. In response to the loss of numerous cargo shipments from pirate and Rebel attacks, the Empire decided to develop a capital ship combining sophisticated weaponry and shields with a 100,000 ton cargo capacity. Essentially, the Star Galleon-class was a transport that could act as its own escort.

Despite being of an Imperial design, several Star Galleons saw usage with independent civilian shipping companies. One stolen vessel, named Robber Baron, served as the flagship of the fearsome Poss'Nomin star pirate Reginald Barkbone, who infamously flew his ship through the Fire Rings of Fornax to evade pursuit by the Loronar navy.



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Port-side schematic view of a Star Galleon-class frigate.

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