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"CALL 1-800-555-6576 NOW!"
―A Star Tours advertisement promoting vacation tours of Glee Anselm[src]

Star Tours was a travel agency[1] that offered vacation tours of the planet Glee Anselm,[2] the oceanic homeworld of the Nautolan species,[3] during the Clone Wars. Tours could be booked by contacting the number 1-800-555-6576.[1] The droid R-3X worked for Star Tours at one point, where he piloted a StarSpeeder 3000.[4]

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Star Tours was first mentioned in the new Star Wars canon when an advertisement for the company appeared in "Lightsaber Lost," the eleventh episode of the canon animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars' second season,[1] which originally aired on January 22, 2010.[5] It was originally created for the 1987 Disney simulator ride theme park attraction of the same name.[6]



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