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"I was one of many who were lucky enough to be some of the first passengers on Star Tours newest luxury yacht. Everything was fine until the droid captain changed course towards Yavin to show us something "neat"."
―The survivor of the Tzarina crash, to a passing-by spacer[src]

A class of new luxury yachts was launched by the Star Tours Spacelines during the Galactic Civil War. These yachts shared many traits with Corellian designs such as the CR70 and CR90 corvettes of the Corellian Engineering Corporation. Once such yacht, christened Tzarina, was involved in a major accident in 0 ABY.[1][2] The Tzarina collided with an unidentified TIE Series starfighter in orbit around Yavin Prime. Because of the impact, the yacht's hyperdrive initiated, driving the ship to the planet Dathomir, where it crash landed.[1]


Like the CR70 and CR90 corvettes, the Star Tours yacht had a hammer-shaped cockpit, perpendicular to the ship's elongated body. A rectenna sensor was mounted at the stern of the ship. Like other vessels flying for Star Tours, the luxury yachts were operated by pilot droids. At least one individual ship of that class, the Tzarina, bore red markings.[1]

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In one of the departure sequences of Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, a Star Tours luxury yacht with the eleven-engine configuration of the CR70 and CR90 could be seen to the left and a smaller version of the AA-9 Coruscant freighter to the right.



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