Star Wars, Objets du mythe is a canon French reference book published by Hachette Heroes and released on October 26, 2016. It was written by Patrice Girod and Arnaud Grunberg with photography by Benjamin Taguemount. The book contains 450 photographs of models, film props, costumes, storyboards, illustrations and products derived from the original trilogy.[1]

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This event book, designed as an exhibition catalog, tells the story of the origins of the Star Wars saga through its cult objects, from the unique French collection ScienceFictionArchives.com . It is therefore with more than 450 photographs of original models and costumes from films, graphic works, storyboards, period advertisements, figurines, prototypes, all superbly photographed by the artist Benjamin Taguemount. Some of these works are seen and brought together for the first time in 40 years in this beautiful book. Discover the George Lucas saga like you've never seen it before. The book is prefaced by Robert Watts, producer of the Star Wars & Indiana Jones trilogies , and the filmWho wants Roger Rabbit skin . Dive into more than 416 pages to better understand one of the biggest hits in cinema history.[1]




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