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Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection was a Hasbro Star Wars toy line that ran from the beginning of 2006 until the end of 2007.


The figures from this collection released in 2006 were given a unique coin that could be placed within an album that came with a Darth Vader figure, whereas figures released in the 2008 assortment came with a unique stand, similar to those packed with the 2006's The Saga Collection.

During 2006, Hasbro produced 60 individually carded figures as well as numerous Battle Packs, multipacks and exclusives. The assortment included at least one Ralph McQuarrie concept figure in each wave. A total of 8 waves were made, as well as 6 figures released on a vintage style cardback. The line is notable for including one of the first pure Expanded Universe waves. This wave, however, was released to stores in small quantities. The collection first introduced Comic Packs, which had two action figures packaged with a reprinted comic book, which offered many more Expanded Universe characters.

A sub-line of repackaged figures called Saga Legends was released, which included a number of Fan's Choice figures, which were voted on by the fans through various collecting sites, including Rebelscum.com, in 2006. Several of these figures had been only available previously as exclusives or as part of multipacks or vehicles.

Hasbro also released a series of six commemorative tin four packs. Each pack included four characters, with the exception of the A New Hope tin, from all six Star Wars films. They came in a lunch-box like tin to display the figures.

In addition to a number of additional Revenge of the Sith toys, 2007 included a wave of figures based on the video game, The Force Unleashed.


The collection's Y-wing fighter set includes pilot Lieutenant Lepira and reveals his astromech droid was named R5-F7. One of two action figure sets exclusive to Entertainment Earth included two all-new Mandalorian characters: B'arin Apma and Llats Ward.


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