Star Wars: A Long Time Ago... Volume 6: Wookiee World, also marketed as Classic Star Wars: A Long Time Ago... Volume 6: Wookiee World, is the sixth volume in the Dark Horse Comics trade paperback collection of the original Marvel Comics series of comic books. It was published on May 7, 2003.

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Dark Horse Comics presents the latest volume of Star Wars: A Long Time Ago... featuring classic Star Wars stories not seen in over twenty years and an amazing, "All Star" line-up of creators! Originally printed by Marvel Comics, these stories have been meticulously re-colored and are sure to please both new and old Star Wars fans. Wookie [sic] World collects issues 82 to 95 of the original Marvel run, taking place after Return of the Jedi, as our beloved Star Wars gang establishes a base of leadership for their newly freed galaxy on the planet Endor. The stories in this volume take us on solo and team adventures with our favorite galactic heroes. In "The Alderaan Factor," a stranded Princess Leia fights for her life with another native of her destroyed home Imperial trooper! Lando Calrissian goes to the aid of an old flame and becomes enmeshed in a planet's struggle between democracy and aristocratic rule in "Sweetheart Contract." Han Solo and Chewbacca set out on an old-fashioned treasue [sic] hunt in "Seoul Searching" and manage to twart [sic] an Imperial plot. And much more! Introduction by Star Wars writer and editor Randy Stradley!

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