Star Wars: Aliens and Ships of the Galaxy is a reference title compendium of the books Star Wars: Aliens of the Galaxy and Star Wars: Ships of the Galaxy. This combination includes two posters, one featuring aliens and the other spacecraft. It was published by Studio Fun International on November 1, 2016.

The book was re-released as part of the Star Wars 3-Book Gift Set on November 22, 2016. This edition was published without the original posters, which were instead included loose with the box set.

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Discover the essential details of the best-loved creatures and ships from the Star Wars universe in this ultra-cool book that includes two posters—one featuring aliens, and the other, spacecraft!

From Abednedos to the Jawas to Wookiees and more, learn all about the coolest and weirdest creatures in the Star Wars galaxy in the first half of the book, then continue reading to learn all about the best and fastest ships in the Star Wars galaxy—from Jedi starfighters to the one and only Millennium Falcon and more!



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