Star Wars: Battle Above Coruscant is a video game for mobile phones published by THQ Wireless.


Level 1:Fighters

Briefing: The sky is thick with enemy fighters. We must tear through them if any rescue attempt is to be made. May the Force be with you, Master Skywalker.

Objective: Destroy enemy fighters

Level 2: Missile chase

Briefing: Master Skywalker,the Separatist capital ships have launched tracking missiles! Avoid them at all costs.

Objective: Destroy enemy fighters and avoid missiles

Level 3: Defend Battleship

Briefing: Master Skywalker,one of our key attack cruisers is under heavy fire. We cannot let the Separatists destroy that ship. You must help us defend it. Do not let any fighters to get past you.

Objective: Destroy enemy fighters

Level 4: Destroy cruiser

Briefing: Master Skywalker, a Banking Clan cruiser is jamming us and preventing us from locating General Grievous' cruiser. Target key vital areas and weapon systems. Don't stop until the ship is destroyed.

Objective: Destroy all turbolasers

Level 5: Defend Obi-Wan

Briefing: Master Skywalker, buzz droids have been deployed and are attacking Master Kenobi's ship. Destroy them before he is taken apart completely. Be careful not to collide with Master Kenobi's ship.

Objective: Destroy buzz droids

Level 6: Lower the shields

Briefing: Master Kenobi's ship has been disabled! He is heading toward the hangar bay of General Grievous'cruiser, but the shields are still up. Disable the shields to allow him and yourself to land safely.

Objective: Destroy shield generators

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