Star Wars: Battles for the Galaxy is a guide aimed at ages 7 and up that details conflicts that shaped the Galactic Republic and other societies in the galaxy.

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Learn about the biggest and most important battles in galactic history. Join the generals, soldiers, Jedi, and Rebels on their missions, and discover the traps, betrayals, and triumphs."


  • Introduction
  • A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away
  • Droid Army
  • Gungan Army
  • Battle Analysis:Naboo
  • What Good Is Clumsiness On the Battlefield?
  • Vehicles:The Separatist
  • How Can You Stop A Droid Army?
  • Jedi Generals
  • Battle Analysis:Geonosis
  • How Dangerous Is A Droid Factory?
  • Clone Army
  • Clone Trooper Identification
  • Vehicles:The Republic
  • What Happens When Droids Fight Clones?
  • Sith Lords
  • What Happens When The Two Sides Of the Force Meet?
  • Tools Of War
  • Battle Analysis:Coruscant
  • What Use Is One Small Astromech Droid?
  • How Can A Jedi Fight Without A Lightsaber?
  • Decoys and Disguise
  • Battle Analysis:Jedi Purge
  • Wookiee Army
  • Clone trooperTo Stormtrooper
  • Imperial Army
  • Wartime Transformation
  • Rebel Alliance
  • Vehicles:The Rebels
  • Target:The Darth Star
  • How Can A Princess Rescue Herself?
  • Battle Analysis:Yavin
  • What Is The Power Of the Force?
  • Vehicles:The Empire
  • Battle Analysis:Hoth
  • How Can You Stop An AT-AT In It's Tracks?
  • Exploring Rebel Bases
  • Ewok Warriors
  • Battle Analysis:Endor
  • How Can A Small Army Take On the Empire?
  • How Do You Turn Around A Losing Battle?
  • Small Battles Can Make A Big Difference
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • Acknowledgements


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