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Star Wars: Blood Ties: A Tale of Jango and Boba Fett is the first story arc of the Star Wars: Blood Ties series of comics.

Plot summary[]

Boba Fett was taken to a cave as a child by his 'father', Jango. Here, he was fitted with Jango's Z-6 jetpack and sprayed with the scent of Pardlam, the prey of the Balyeg. Jango then tasked Boba with retrieving a Balyeg tooth, making his way out of the cave to wait for Boba. Boba was successful, but showed resentment towards Jango for putting him in danger. Nethertheless, Jango insisted that it was necessary, a test of fear so he need never be scared again.

The pair then returned to the ship, where they were contacted by Count Dooku to kill a helmeted man hiding out on Atzerri that had information could endanger the secret production of the Grand Army of the Republic on Kamino. Jango agreed to the bounty, and after a short encounter with Atzerri Traffic Control, took Boba to a vantage point near the target's room, arming him with a Blaster rifle and giving yet more advice, that direct confrontations should be avoided when possible. Boba managed to shoot the man, however the helmet withstood the damage. Jango then flew in to finish the job, however when the target was vulnerable and at gunpoint, they took off their helmet to reveal that he was actually a clone of Jango, escaped from Kamino.

After Jango's questioning the clone, he shot the man regardless. He then turned around to find a scared woman, the target's wife holding her child, Connor Freeman. She begged for Connor's life to be spared, and was confused as to why Jango had her husband's face. Jango, shocked by seeing his genetic child, and safe knowing that the woman was ignorant of her husband's origins, left her be, returning to Boba in a bad mood. He promised to talk about it later, however was killed by Mace Windu on Geonosis, so never got the chance.

Now an adult bounty hunter, Boba Fett went to Gilean, his banker, who'd found a bounty that might interest him - that of none other than Connor Freeman, who had received an inheritance fund from Jango as compensation for his father's death, under the guise that Jango was his father. Both Boba and Connor were unaware of Jango's connection to Freeman, but Boba was enlightened by Gilean before accepting the bounty.

In a bar owned by Quinny on Atzerri, his birth planet, Connor rested on the counter, casually shooting a gand bounty hunter trying to collect his bounty. He then disposed of the bounty hunter's body outside, only to be ambushed by the League of Bounty Hunters. He was chased to the end of an alley, however Boba used his jetpack to get behind Connor and disarm him, then confronted the jealous league, who wanted Connor for their own. The League threatened Fett, a violation of the code of Bounty Hunters, at which point Bossk passed by to tell Fett to "have fun". Held at gunpoint, Fett dropped his EE-3 carbine rifle, then dispatched the group using the variety of weaponry built into his armor. Assuming the League to be dead, Fett sedated the fleeing Connor and took him to the Slave I.

Connor awoke whilst they had landed at a refuelling station, at which point Boba revealed the true source of Connor's inheritance and Connor expressed his hate for the Fetts, knowing Jango killed his father, who he'd discovered was a clone. While the pair were distracted, the remnants of the League of Bounty Hunters attacked. Two of the ten members survived - Daquinn and Yarttar - and used their ship's cannon to cause an explosion that disorientated Freeman and Fett. The 'League' then took Freeman, and, Daquinn, unable to watch a defenseless Fett die, instead covered Fett's face with his left hand as he shot him in the chest. He then returned to his ship, contacting Tayand to show that he had Connor, who mocked him despite the situation.

Connor was taken to Cilare, Tayand's home planet, but managed to steal Yarttar's Blaster pistol and kill him with it. Fett, who had survived and followed the 'League', then flew in with his jetpack to save Connor from Daquinn once more, forcing Connor to drop the pistol. Connor then explained his situation - he withdrew all the money from his inheritance fund and eventually played a game of sabacc against the crime lord Tayand. He won the game, which angered the crime lord, who accused Freeman of cheating at the game and put a bounty on his head. Connor fled without any of the credits. When questioned, it was highlighted that he didn't need the money - he just wanted to increase what he thought was his father's legacy.

Fett brought Freeman to Tayand, to the objections of Daquinn, but offered to pay the money Freeman 'owed' Tayand in exchange for Freeman's freedom. When pressed, Tayand was angered by Fett's protection of a man who hurt his pride. Freeman then placed a bounty of three credits, all that he had on his person, on Tayand, which Fett promptly accepted, shooting the madman point blank.

Boba fought off Tayand's guards, but more Bounty Hunters replaced them. Outnumbered, Fett took Freeman and ran towards the rancor that Tayand had chained up in a large chamber. He then shot at it to anger it, and broke its chains, so that it could attack the other bounty hunters. Boba then injured an indignant Daquinn, forcing him to wear his jetpack and firing daquinn like a missile into the rancor's mouth, the jetpack fuel exploding on impact. All threats disposed of, Fett collected the three credits for Tayand's bounty from Connor, who then took the half a million credit reward for his own bounty. Boba then took one of the rancor's teeth, and the pair parted ways - Connor having increased his inheritance and Boba having collected the tooth of another great beast, both trying to make their dead fathers proud.