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You may be looking for the Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume Two DVD.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume 2: Victories and Sacrifices, previously titled Heroes and Scapegoats[source?], is the second volume in the Star Wars: Clone Wars series of trade paperbacks. Volume 2 collects Star Wars: Republic issues 51-53 and Jedi: Shaak Ti. It was published by Dark Horse Comics on September 16, 2003.

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From one of the swamp moons of Naboo, to the war-torn cityscapes of Brentaal IV, the battles of the Clone Wars have thrown the galaxy into turmoil. New Separatist threats, ranging from deadly biological weapons, to dark Jedi, to an unkillable alien bounty hunter, have the loyalist Jedi and their clone troops pushed to their limits.

This graphic novel collection contains three separate, yet linked stories of heroism and sacrifice set during the time between Episode II and Episode III!



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