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Star Wars: Darth Vader Vol. 4 — Crimson Reign is a forthcoming trade paperback compilation of Marvel Comics' 2020 series Star Wars: Darth Vader. The collection will feature issues written by Greg Pak and is scheduled to be published on October 18, 2022.

Publisher's summary[]

Red revenge! Lady Qi'ra not only insulted the Empire, but challenged it. In the end, Darth Vader showed her criminal organization that the Empire is not to be toyed with. But now, fearful whispers echo in every corner of the Empire – Darth Vader is on the hunt, searching for anyone with any connection to the Crimson Dawn. How deep has the Dawn infiltrated the galaxy – and are all their operations worthy of the wrath of Vader? In the bowels of Bespin, Darth Vader once told his son he wanted to bring order to the galaxy. Now his promise will be put to the test, as he leads an unlikely crew of heroes and assassins against the Crimson Dawn![1]

COLLECTING: Star Wars: Darth Vader (2020) #18-22



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