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Star Wars: Demolition is a vehicular combat game featuring locations and vehicles from around the Star Wars galaxy.

Opening crawl[edit | edit source]

The galaxy is engulfed
in a devastating civil war.
But on the Outer Rim
world of Tatooine, crime lord
Jabba the Hutt continues to
prosper amidst the chaos.

Involved in almost every
criminal venture, the Hutt
has amassed a vast fortune
through gambling, smuggling,
and other vile acts. Yet his
greed knows no bounds.

The Empire has outlawed the
dangerous Podraces, but
Jabba has devised an
even more dangerous
underground contest to
attract high-stakes gamblers
from across the galaxy
to his betting parlors on

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Even with the advent of the Galactic Empire, Jabba the Hutt continued to prosper through his illegitimate operations on Tatooine. Always looking to gather more wealth, Jabba devised an even deadlier "sport" to replace the outlawed podraces.

Some chose to take part in the event of their own will, but many others were forced into participation by the crime lord. The participants and their vehicles were:

Each vehicle can pick up a weapon droid, either holding the following:

Each vehicle can pick up a droid as well, including:

Game modes[edit | edit source]

Star Wars: Demolition advertising: Total Carnage!

There are four game modes of Demolition:

Battle mode

In this mode you could choose up to four opponents to test your skills on and select which world in which to dispatch them.

Tournament Mode

The Tournament Mode would start off with you facing one opponent, then two, three and finally four; the opponents are chosen at random as are the locations. To acquire a new vehicle, you need to pass the tournament with at least 10,000 credits, and if you are destroyed during a match, then there is an option to replay, but at a cost of 500 credits. If you are constantly losing, the tournament will end when you run out of credits.

Hunt a droid

This is a mode which speaks for itself. Once you choose your location and vehicle and engage the droids in battle you will be scored on the number of droids dispatched within the set time.

High Stakes

Each player chooses a vehicle, as well as the CPU. There are odds shown by calculation on win/loss records. They keep on betting until a player wins 10,000 credits or loses everything.

Multiplayer Modes[edit | edit source]

High Stakes

This is a mode where you bet 1000 credits (both players), the winner getting the credits from the loser. You continue until you gain 10,000 credits or when one player loses all of his credits.

Battle Mode

This is a mode that includes vs. and co-op. In vs. mode, the game is over when one vehicle is destroyed. In co-op, both players must survive and destroy the enemy vehicles.

Two Player Mode

In two player mode, some things change in tournament. For a start, you cannot be the same ship as your friend. Also, the tournament battle sequence goes 1 CPU, 2 CPU, 3 CPU, and then 3 CPU again. This is because every world can only hold up to five players at a time, including you and a friend.

Stages[edit | edit source]

Wade Vox fights in Jabba's tournament in Mos Eisley (Non-canonical appearance)

The games ravaged a number of areas, with Jabba pulling strings to make each happen. The arenas were:

(Cloud City and the Death Star II cannot be played in tournament mode, although every other planet will appear at some point)

Planet inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Special Weapons[edit | edit source]

  • STAP: Ion cannon
  • Podracer: Speed boost (does heavy damage, capable of destroying most enemies in three hits; however, it was difficult to connect with)
  • Rocket Pack: Disintegrator Rocket; homes in on an enemy
  • Snowspeeder: Harpoon and tow cable
  • Rancor: Grab and Slam (Rancor picks up enemy and slams them to the ground, creating a shockwave and dealing them massive damage. If no enemy is close enough, it will just raise its hands and perform the slam without the enemy, still causing the shockwave.)
  • Cloud Car: Shadowball; disables opponent temporarily
  • Swoop: Hyper-Rifle; when charged, fires in the direction of the nearest enemy. Projectile ricochets.
  • Sith Speeder: Double-bladed lightsaber
  • X-34 Landspeeder: Force attack (similar to Force crush, seems to push foes back a bit)
  • AT-ST Walker: Mortar launcher
  • AAT Battle Tank: Main cannon
  • Desert Skiff: Deck-mounted laser cannon
  • Speeder Bike: thermal detonator

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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Voice cast[edit | edit source]

Aurra Sing: Tasia Valenza

Boba Fett / Bib Fortuna / General Otto / Lobot: Tom Kane

Wade Vox: Holt McCallany

Pugwis / Tamtel Skreej: Kevin Michael Richardson

Darth Maul / Malakili: Jess Harnell

Lyn Me/Ghia/Tia: Grey DeLisle

Jabba the Hutt / Boushh / Battle droid: Clint Bajakian

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