Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Book VI: Worst Among Equals is the sixth story arc of Marvel Comics' original Doctor Aphra comic-book series. The arc was written by Simon Spurrier with art by Emilio Laiso and Andrea Broccardo.


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Issue Title Publication date Trade paperback Omnibus
26 "Part I" November 14, 2018 DoctorAphraVol5-WorstAmongEquals.jpg
Vol. 5 —
Worst Among Equals

June 25, 2019
Doctor Aphra Omnibus Vol 1 final cover.jpg
Omnibus Vol. 1
March 23, 2021[4]
27 "Part II" December 12, 2018
28 "Part III" January 30, 2019
29 "Part IV" February 27, 2019
30 "Part V" March 27, 2019
31 "Part VI" April 24, 2019

Notes and references[]

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  3. Doctor Aphra (2016) 2 has a flashback sequence taken 18 years before the event of the story, in which Chelli Lona Aphra told her father that her mother had just died. Star Wars: Galactic Atlas states the Galactic Empire was founded in 19 BBY. According to Doctor Aphra (2016) 32, Lona Aphra left the Second Moon of Thrinittik with Chelli when the Empire was existing and also stated that they lived on the planet for 2 years before Lona's death, which means that Lona had to die during or after 17 BBY. Davits Draven died during the Assault on the Mako-Ta Space Docks, which according to Ultimate Star Wars, New Edition, was one year after the mission to steal the Death Star plans. As Star Wars: Galactic Atlas dates the mission to 0 BBY, the assault must have occurred in 1 ABY. Doctor Aphra (2016) 2 took place between Star Wars (2015) 30, which takes place in around 0 ABY and Star Wars (2015) 50. It cannot have taken place in 0 ABY, as Lona would have died in 18 BBY. If the comic took place in 1 ABY, it would mean that Lona died in 17 BBY, fulfilling the above information. Additionally, Doctor Aphra (2016) 32 also has a flashback sequence depicting Lona Aphra's death 18 years prior to the events of the comic. As this story arc takes place between Doctor Aphra (2016) 2 and Doctor Aphra (2016) 32, this must also take place around 1 ABY.
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