Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Book VIII: A Rogue's End is the eighth story arc of Marvel Comics' original Doctor Aphra comic-book series. The arc was written by Simon Spurrier with art by Caspar Wijngaard.


Color code key:
Collected (TPB) issue Released issue Future issue
Issue Title Publication date Trade paperback Omnibus
37 "A Rogue's End, Part I" October 2, 2019 DoctorAphraVol7Final.jpg
Volume 7:
A Rogue's End

February 11, 2020
Doctor Aphra Omnibus Vol 1 final cover.jpg
Omnibus Vol. 1
March 23, 2021[3]
38 "A Rogue's End, Part II" November 6, 2019
39 "A Rogue's End, Part III" November 27, 2019
40 "A Rogue's End, Part IV" December 11, 2019

Notes and references[]

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  2. The events of Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Book VIII: A Rogue's End take place in 3 ABY per the reasoning here and here.
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