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Star Wars: Empire: "General" Skywalker was the eighth story arc in the comic book series Star Wars: Empire. It consisted of issues 26-27. The story is set 7 months ABY.

Plot summary[]

Luke and Wedge become stranded on the ground during a recon mission and discover an unlikely ally - a Clone Trooper named Able who was marooned after his Old Republic dropship crashed there during the Clone Wars while in the service of Jedi Master Shaak Ti and thus never given Order 66. In order to outfight the Empire again, Luke must do what Obi-Wan and other Jedi Masters once did during the Clone Wars - prove himself both as a Jedi and as a General. Furthermore, the Old Republic Clone Trooper finds himself in a fight against his successor - the Imperial Stormtrooper - for the very first time.


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