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Released for the Nintendo 64 and PC nearly three years after Rogue Squadron, Star Wars: Episode I: Battle for Naboo details the events of Naboo post-occupation by the Trade Federation in 32 BBY. As Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes you attempt to liberate the planet Naboo from Trade Federation forces, using several vehicles and starships including the AAT, STAP, and N-1 starfighter. Intended to be a sequel to Rogue Squadron, the game was made by Factor 5, and in many of aspects was very similar to Rogue Squadron. It was also the first installment of the series to include an audio commentary track to play along with the level, a process that was later repeated with Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike.

Three bonus levels include missions such as a chase after Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator through Coruscant.

Plot summaryEdit

Opening crawlEdit

Star Wars: Episode I: BATTLE FOR NABOO
Turmoil has engulfed the
Galactic Republic. Taxation
of trade routes is in dispute,
and the greedy Trade
Federation has resorted to
violence to resolve the matter.

Acting on orders from a
mysterious Sith Lord, the
Trade Federation has sent
an invasion force to the small
world of Naboo. The Trade
Federation's leaders hope
to capture the peaceful planet
and steal its resources
before the Republic can respond
to the crisis.

As the Trade Federation
marches on Theed, Lieutenant
volunteer members of the
Royal Security Forces are
Naboo's only hope....

The game begins during the Fall of Theed, in 32 BBY. and Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes must rescue Captain Kael. They escape out into the countryside and face Trade Federation resistance. They then form alliances and launch an offensive.

Sykes and his resistance group then liberate Naboo slaves, but their ally Borvo the Hutt betrays them. Sykes and his wingmen drive the Hutt from Naboo and then turn their attention back to the Trade Federation occupation.

After Queen Padmé Amidala returned, Sykes joins the diversionary battles and fights to retake the planet. He then joins in the assault against the Vuutun Palaa, the Federation's Droid Control Ship. The destruction of the ship brought freedom to Naboo.

At one point, Sykes chases the Sith Lord Darth Maul on Coruscant and protects a commando raid. There is also a non-canon mission where Darth Maul attacks the Naboo defense forces and civilians.

Main charactersEdit

Gavyn SykesEdit

Lt. Gavyn Sykes Bravo 6 Headshot

Lt. Sykes

Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes is a volunteer member of the Royal Security Forces. He is assigned to patrol Theed during the Blockade, and rescues Captain Kael during the opening stages. He goes on to fight the Trade Federation under the command of Kael, at one point absconding with a aquatic gunboat. Following the death of Kael, Sykes leads the resistance force in taking revenge against Borvo. He then liberates Camp Four and joins in the battle to retake the planet.



Captain Kael

Kael is a Captain in the Royal Security Forces. He is assigned to patrol Theed, and becomes trapped near RSF headquarters. Sykes rescues him, and Kael then leads the other pilot into the countryside where they search for allies in the fight against the Trade Federation invasion. Kael agrees to escort Borvo the Hutt to his base, and gets a new group of starfighters in return. Kael leads the strike against several Trade Federation installations, but is betrayed and murdered by the Hutt.



Borvo the Hutt

Borvo the Hutt is a smuggler in the northern mountains of Naboo. He maintains his base, a construction site for N-1 starfighters. During the invasion, his personal craft becomes trapped by Trade Federation tanks. Kael agrees to escort his transport, and in return the Hutt gives him new starfighters as well as vital intelligence. Following an operation which results in the liberation of Naboo slaves, Borvo provides more of his transports to carry the slaves. Borvo then betrays Kael and kills him, and brings the slaves to his prison camp. Sykes then leads a strike, which results in the destruction of his transport. Borvo flees Naboo, and the slaves are re-liberated.

Kol KothaEdit

Kol Kotha is a Gran mercenary. He works for Borvo the Hutt and pilots his transport. It was Kotha who was the first point of contact with Sykes. After Borvo is escorted to his base, Kotha takes control of a starfighter and flies with the resistance to attack Comm 4. Kotha later leaves the employment of the Hutt to join Sykes, as he was not a slaver. Kotha had scouted Federation prison camps and offers that information to Sykes. Kotha then joins in the liberation of Camp Four and saves Sykes at one point. Kotha then serves as Sykes' wingmen in the battle to retake Theed.


Escape from TheedEdit

SWBfN (Escape from Theed)

"Escape from Theed": Sykes runs down three battle droids in the streets of Theed.

This mission serves as a training mission for players to practice their aiming and playing skills.

The Trade Federation has taken over Theed. Lt. Gavyn Sykes as Bravo Six must escape the city with his commander before they are taken prisoner by the droid army.

Mission objectives:

  1. Rescue your commander
  2. Escape Theed

Requirements for Gold:

Completion Time: 2:15
Enemies Destroyed: 41
Accuracy: 63%
Friendly Saves: 07
Bonus Collected Yes
Lives Remaining: 03

Neimoidian PlunderEdit

The Trade Federation has taken control of Naboo, and only the swamps appear safe. Follow Captain Kael through the Naboo Farmlands until you reach the swamps. Protect any civilians and settlements threatened by Trade Federation forces.

Mission Objectives:

  1. Protect and escort the Captain to the Swamp
  2. Protect the main farm house

Requirements for Gold:

Completion Time: 5:00
Enemies Destroyed: 32
Accuracy: 40%
Friendly Saves: 46
Bonus Collected: No
Lives Remaining: 3

Naboo BayouEdit

A trader village is hidden deep in the heart of the swamp. Locate the village before it can be destroyed. The traders may provide valuable information and allies to the resistance.

Mission Objectives:

  1. Protect Rohan's Houseboats
  2. Rescue Officer Vedd

Requirements for Gold:

Completion Time: 4:15
Enemies Destroyed: 19
Accuracy: 30%
Friendly Saves: 07
Bonus Collected: No
Lives Remaining: 3

Smuggler AllianceEdit

Enter the mountains in search of the mysterious smuggler, who could become a powerful ally in the fight against the trade federation. Clear the area of Trade Federation forces and assist civilians in need.

Mission Objectives:

  1. Locate Smuggler in the mountains
  2. Save Homestead from attack

Requirements for Gold:

Completion Time: 6:30
Enemies Destroyed: 31
Accuracy: 37%
Friendly Saves: 02
Bonus Collected: Yes
Lives Remaining: 3

The Hutt's RetreatEdit

Now that Borvo the Hutt has joined the resistance, you must protect his vessel until he reaches his hidden outpost. Once at the base, Borvo's own pilots will join the fight against the Trade Federation.

Mission objectives:

  1. Protect and escort smuggler to his base
  2. Prevent destruction of smuggler's base
  3. Free the captured Naboo Pilots

Requirements for Gold:

Completion Time: 5:45
Enemies Destroyed: 28
Accuracy: 40%
Friendly Saves: 14
Bonus Collected: No
Lives Remaining: 3

Disruption of Comm 4Edit

Borvo and Captain Kael plan to assault the Trade Federation Base on Naboo. Before the attack can take place, however, you must disable the communications web controlling the target base. Pinpoint and destroy the central comm satellite to disable the web.

Mission objectives:

  1. Disable all shield generators
  2. Knock out the Communications Satellite

Requirements for Gold:

Completion Time: 7:15
Enemies Destroyed: 30
Accuracy: 65%
Friendly Saves: 04
Bonus Collected: No
Lives Remaining: 03

Glacial GraveEdit

The Comm Satellite has been destroyed, temporarily disabling at least one Trade Federation base. Attack the sleeping base and destroy all Trade Federation weapons, and capture a gunboat for the Resistance.

Mission objectives:

  1. Destroy all Trade Federation Bases
  2. Steal a Trade Federation Gunboat

Requirements for Gold:

Completion Time: 8:00
Enemies Destroyed: 63
Accuracy: 55%
Friendly Saves: 04
Bonus Collected: Yes
Lives Remaining: 03

Andrevea RiverEdit

The Trade Federation has established labor camps on the banks of the Naboo River. Liberate these camps and defeat the Neimoidian slave drivers.

Mission objectives:

  1. Free all prisoners in detention camps

Requirements for Gold:

Completion Time: 7:19
Enemies Destroyed: 49
Accuracy: 50%
Friendly Saves: 00
Bonus Collected: No
Lives Remaining: 03



Gavyn Sykes in a Naboo starfighter protecting civilians.

The rescued civilians are now in your care. Escort them to the rendezvous point in the northern ruins. Destroy any Trade Federation forces that threaten your mission.

Mission objectives:

  1. Protect and Escort Convoy to the Ruins

Requirements for Gold:

Completion Time: 7:30
Enemies Destroyed: 30
Accuracy: 45%
Friendly Saves: 05
Bonus Collected: Yes
Lives Remaining: 03

Search for Captain KaelEdit

Captain Kael has disappeared. Locate his downed Starfighter and protect it at all costs. The Trade Federation must not be allowed to capture Captain Kael.

Mission objectives:

  1. Locate Commander's downed fighter
  2. Stop Federation attack on Mining Operation
  3. Destroy Hutt's Mining Operation
  4. Destroy Droid Bombers and AAT before they reach crash site

Requirements for Gold:

Completion Time: 5:30
Enemies Destroyed: 23
Accuracy: 50%
Friendly Saves: 00
Bonus Collected: No
Lives Remaining: 03

Borvo the HuttEdit

Borvo has betrayed you. He has killed Captain Kael, and now plans to sell your people into slavery. Pursue the Hutt and rescue the captive civilians. Protecting the people of Naboo is your primary concern.

Mission objectives:

  1. Locate and free prisoners
  2. Defeat Borvo the Hutt and free his prisoners

Requirements for Gold:

Completion Time: 5:30
Enemies Destroyed: 35
Accuracy: 42%
Friendly Saves: 04
Bonus Collected: Yes
*Lives Remaining: 03

Liberation of Camp FourEdit

The Trade Federation has imprisoned Naboo's most important leaders in the notorious Camp Four. Reach the camp, take out the Trade Federation forces, and free the captives before reienforcements can arrive.

Mission objectives:

  1. Find and free the prisoners from Camp 4
  2. Protect the prisoners as they escape

Requirements for Gold:

Completion Time: 7:00
Enemies Destroyed: 67
Accuracy: 50%
Friendly Saves: 17
Bonus Collected: Yes
Lives Remaining: 03

The Queen's GambitEdit

Captain Quarsh Panaka and the Queen have returned to Naboo. Rendezvous with Panaka and follow him to the Queen, where you'll learn Amidala's grand plan for freeing Naboo.

Mission objectives:

  1. Find and rescue Panaka
  2. Find the Naboo Airbase and take a Bomber
  3. Stop the Federation Convoy

Requirements for Gold:

Completion Time: 7:30
Enemies Destroyed: 34
Accuracy: 48%
Friendly Saves: 10
Bonus Collected: No
Lives Remaining: 03

Panaka's DiversionEdit

The Queen plans to enter Theed in an attempt to capture Viceroy Nute Gunray. You must create a diversion to distract the Trade Federation's forces guarding Theed. Once Panaka and Padmé Amidala are within the city limits, travel to the Theed hangar and join the attack.

Mission objectives:

  1. Help Panaka create a diversion at the Hangar
  2. Rescue Group 2 ambush
  3. Rendezvous with and protect the commandos

Requirements for Gold:

Completion Time: 5:00
Enemies Destroyed:68
Accuracy: 50%
Friendly Saves: 04
Bonus Collected: No
Lives Remaining: 03

Battle for NabooEdit

Bravo Flight has been ordered to destroy the mammoth droid Control Ship in orbit around Naboo. You must target the Control Ship's weakest areas. Use your N-1 to disable the control ship's tractor beams and deflector shield generator.

Mission objectives:

  1. Decimate the Droid Fighter Fleet
  2. Destroy the Control Ship's tractor beam generators
  3. Target the ship's defensive shield generator
  4. Destroy the Control Ship

Requirements for Gold:

Completion Time: 6:15
Enemies Destroyed: 22
Accuracy: 40%
Friendly Saves: 03
Bonus Collected: No
Lives Remaining: 02

Secret levelsEdit

Trade Federation SecretsEdit

Naboo Commandos have taken over a Trade Federation Research Facility. A Droid army has been dispatched to destroy the base before it's secrets are exposed. Protect the base until the commandos can be airlifted to safety.

Mission Objectives:

  1. Protect the base from attack
  2. Protect the escaping transport

Requirements for Gold:

Completion Time: 5:45
Enemies Destroyed: 35
Accuracy: 31%
Friendly Saves: 04
Bonus Collected: No
Lives Remaining: 03

Coruscant EncounterEdit

Darth Maul has attacked a Naboo Delegation upon arrival at Coruscant. Destroy the Sith Infiltrator before Darth Maul causes more damage.

Mission Objectives:

  1. Destroy Darth Maul's ship
  2. Protect Civilian targets

Requirements for Gold:

Completion Time: 1:30
Enemies Destroyed: 01
Accuracy: 43%
Friendly Saves: 15
Bonus Collected: Yes
Lives Remaining: 03

The Dark SideEdit

Decimate all Naboo Forces. Take the controls of the Infiltrator and obey your master.

Mission Objectives:

  1. Protect Trade Federation Forces
  2. Destroy all Naboo Forces

Requirements for Gold:

Completion Time: 7:25
Enemies Destroyed: 39
Accuracy: 24%
Friendly Saves: 11
Bonus Collected: No
Lives Remaining: 03


Star Wars: Battle for Naboo is a single-player action flight simulator and vehicular combat video game.

Players have access to several Naboo and Trade Federation aerial and ground vehicles.


Battle for Naboo was developed by Factor 5 and published by LucasArts on December 14, 2000 for the Nintendo 64. A PC version followed in March 2001.

The game was one of three exclusive titles for the N64 developed by LucasArts. Following the release of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, Brett Tosti, the project leader on the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series, developed an idea of exploring what happened on Naboo during Queen Amidala's absence.[3]

In an interview with Star Wars Gamer magazine, Tosti mentioned how his team developed the character of Sykes and how the game was an opportunity to show what the Royal Security Forces and the Trade Federation were doing during the invasion. For Sykes, the character was voiced by Matt Walters, and was based off Bravo Six, played by actor Christian J Simpson, whose scenes were cut from the film.[3]

In an interview with Factor 5 staff, they revealed that initial planning sessions were conducted in February of 1999. The art and level designs came from LucasArts, while the development studio provided programming and post-production work. In the interview the staff revealed that the game's engine was only partially based on the one used for Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. It took a lot of mathematics to make the new landscape possible. According to the staff, a droid fighter took 200 polygons to render.[4]

The menus run at 60 framers per second and used Flash-like technology. The sound effects come from Episode I, and the music is fully interactive. The movie pieces were re-done for the game and new material was composed.[4]

The PC version was ported directly from the N64 version but features larger textures.[5]

James Zhang created storyboards for the level progression.[6]


Sykes' destruction of the shield generator on the Vuutun Palaa was later confirmed as canon by Leland Chee on Christian J Simpson's Blog.[7]


The game was warmly received.[6] Metacritic lists the N64 version with a score of 84.[8] Nintendo Power graded the game as 4/5[9] while IGN reviewed it as 9/10 and called it "one of the prettiest games to grace the Nintendo 64."[10]

The PC version fared less well in reviews. It has a score of 54 on Metacritic.[11] Reviewer Adam Fleet from Computer Games Magazine stated the game had "truly bland textures and sad-looking 2D sprites".[12]


By type 
Cast Crew



  • Dale Geist: producer
  • Nate Schaumberg: assistant producer
  • Brett Tosti: project leader (LucasArts)
  • Holger Schmidt: lead designer (Factor 5)
  • Mike Keith: programmer
  • Sigmund Vik: programmer
  • Florian Sauer: Factor 5 programming
  • Jens Petersam: Factor 5 programming
  • Thomas Engel: Factor 5 programming
  • Mike Wu: LucasArts level design
  • Mike Dillon: LucasArts level design
  • Joseph Chiang: LucasArts level design
  • Chuck McFadden: lead tester
  • Chris Hülsbeck: Composer
  • Ben Burtt: original sound effects: Star Wars
  • Hans Larson: dialogue editor
  • Eric Lewis: assistant dialogue recording engineer
  • Hans Christian Reumschuessel: sound recording engineer
  • Rudolf Stember: sound designer
  • Cindy Wong: dialogue editor
  • Jason Patnode: visual effects technical artist
  • James Jacobson: additional music arranger (as Jake Jacobson)
  • W. Haden Blackman: voice director
  • Michael Lich: game designer


By type 
Characters Creatures Droid models Events Locations
Organizations and titles Sentient species Vehicles and vessels Weapons and technology Miscellanea


Lt. Gavyn Sykes Bravo 6 Headshot

Gavyn Sykes.


Droid models



Organizations and titles

Sentient species

Vehicles and vessels

Weapons and technology



Notes and referencesEdit

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