Star Wars: Force Collection was a digital card game developed by Konami Digital Entertainment for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android devices. It was released on September 4, 2013 and officially discontinued on April 23, 2018, following an announcement on February 21, 2018, of the game's impending shutdown.

Game details[]

Collect, build, and battle! Experience the Force in a whole new way with Star Wars: Force Collection, a card battle game for iOS and Android devices.

Collect over 230 character cards and discover special vehicle blueprints to create the ultimate Battle Formation. Once your deck is built, challenge and defeat rivals in strategic battles, leveling up among the Jedi or Sith Orders. Adventure through quests, participate in massive in-game events, and battle bosses and other players as you fulfill your destiny. Choose wisely; you alone determine your path to the light or dark side.[2]


Collect and strategize with your card deck, featuring characters and vehicles from Episodes I-VI.

Draw from card packs to collect over 730 Star Wars characters that may be used to aid you in battle.

Travel to some of your favorite planets from the vast Star Wars galaxy. Your actions determine the path to joining the light or dark side of the Force.

Piece together blueprints to construct vehicles that provide you an edge in battle.

Battle bosses and other players in quests and special in-game events by creating battle formations with your cards and vehicles.

Defeat other players and loot their Blueprint Pieces, leveling up your Battle Ranking.[2]

A "vehicle customization" feature was added on June 5, 2014. With this, vehicles from blueprints may have pilot or co-pilot seats, or vehicle part slots. Pilot and co-pilot seats may be equipped with character cards with an affinity for the vehicle, providing it with attack and defense boosts and a light side or dark side alignment, while vehicle parts may be obtained by trading in max-level blueprints and may provide additional boosts. Max-level blueprints are a full set of pieces after already obtaining level 5 for a vehicle.



The main part of the game which gives cards is questing. Players go to different planets and use their touchscreens to defeat enemies and level up. They also gain cards when questing. An individual serves as the player's avatar in the quest portion; their weapon, usually a lightsaber or blaster, is determined by the player's current "leader card".

Map quests were added on June 25, 2014. They are very similar to the special event "Tatooine Bounty Hunt", in that players must navigate an "event map" quest grid. Allies and enemies may be found on the grid, as well as item containers. However, progress in the main quest is required for access to a map quest planet. A set amount of EP is required for entry into a map quest, and allies can either assist in formation battles or reveal enemy and container locations on the map. Being defeated by a target enemy will, like in "Tatooine Bounty Hunt", cause the player to fail the map quest and forfeit all item containers.

Cards are put into a formation and can be "enhanced", increasing their attack and defense values as long as the card has not reached a certain maximum level, or "evolved", where two cards of the same type and rarity are merged into a card with higher initial attack and defense; the third evolution level is the maximum for an evolved card.

Player vs. Player[]

There is a multiplayer aspect to the game in that individual players can send their card formations against another to battle for weekly leaderboard rankings. They can also try and capture blueprint pieces, which gives access to vehicles.

During formation battles, the player's light or dark side alignment affects the cards that receive attack and defense boosts according to the cards' own alignment. A leader card, if present in the formation, provides attack and defense boosts to all the cards in the formation; however, if the leader card is defeated, these boosts are lost for the remainder of the battle. Certain cards have skills that either increase the effectiveness of one's own cards or decrease the power of one's opponent's cards.


Legions were added on April 17, 2014, allowing players to form a group. Members who are online may affect the likelihood for special event progression, such as the Tatooine Bounty Hunt.

The week before a Legions at War event, as well as during one, players work together and use in-game credits to upgrade a starship's health, laser cannons, turbolasers, shield, and starfighter power. During Legions at War events, where battles are scheduled with three per day, legions fight head-to-head. Online players use EP to charge power cells for their starship's weapons, starfighter power, or shield, or make repairs to the ship. They can also choose to use BP to board their opponent legion's starship and engage in a formation battle with one of its members. The first such event took place April 24-30, 2014.

Initially, laser cannons were used for direct attack against an enemy legion's ship. Since the third Legions at War event, starfighters are used for direct attack and can be countered with laser cannons. It was announced on August 5, 2014 that Legions at War events would be held every two weeks.

Special events[]

Regularly, special events set across the films are held in Star Wars: Force Collection. It is optional for players to participate in them, however, certain cards and vehicle blueprints are exclusive to these events. Certain cards may serve as "Event-Power Cards" during events, providing boosts toward the event's goal.

Battle of the Death Star campaign[]

The Battle of the Death Star campaign ran until September 25, 2013. It gave the player the opportunity to go on a quest in a Death Star. During the quest, the player used their card formation to attack "bosses", a group of stormtroopers.

The Light Side won the event, and the ending cutscene revealed that the Rebels captured the Death Star's control room, and since it was a test unit, Darth Vader ordered it to self-destruct.


On October 10, 2013, the next Event was announced: The Geonosis Battle Arena. It ran from October 17 until October 28, and featured the Battle of Geonosis. The bosses for the game include B1-Series battle droids, Jango Fett, and Mace Windu. In the Event update on October 23, Yoda was added to the random encounters. After the Event ended the players were given a message telling them that the battle was over but the war had begun, and to keep gaining strength before the next encounter.

An event running from November 21 until December 2 is The Geonosian Battlefield, which includes player vs. player interactions. It continues on from the Arena Event and its bosses are B1 battle droids (including the one with C-3PO's head and vice versa), droidekas, Windu, and clone troopers (led by Commander Ponds). The Event ended with the closing scenes of Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones, and indicated that the Clone War has begun.

Operation Hoth Defensive[]

On December 9, 2013, the next Event was announced: Operation Hoth Defensive. It ran from December 16-23, 2013, and put the players in the role of the Rebel Alliance as they fight the Galactic Empire on Hoth. The bosses include stormtroopers and AT-ATs, and the enemies faced are snow troopers, wampas, and probe droids.

For raid boss battles, ten cards with the highest attack-power the player currently has are selected automatically. Otherwise, event-power cards are used. These cards are used by the player to deal damage to the raid boss, and the player and raid boss attack alternately over three turns. If the boss is not defeated, the player can send for help from a randomly selected group of players, and can use battle points (BP) to continue attacking. Unlike raid boss battles for other events, the first attack made by a player does not cost any BP. NPC formation battles also occur during the event where the player can use their currently set formation; the player can choose not to battle.

Operation Hoth Defensive II was held from December 4-11, 2014. Raid boss battles allow the use of a single vehicle with the strongest ATK (Attack) value the player currently has. NPC formation battles included enemies such as snow troopers, wampas, and General Veers with his Blizzard 1 AT-AT.

Each of the two events ended with scenes depicting the Rebels' escape from Hoth, including the Millenniun Falcon's escape as Darth Vader looks on.

The Invasion of Naboo[]


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This Event focuses on the Invasion of Naboo. It was announced on January 7, 2014 and ran from January 14 to the 21st. It features the usual questing and Boss encounters, as well as PvP duels. NPC battles were fought against B1-Series battle droids, which may also be accompanied by OOM-9, Nute Gunray and his co-leaders, or Darth Maul if the player was on the Light Side; otherwise the battles were against Gungans if the player was on the Dark Side. Players also encountered creatures such as the sando aqua monster. This event ended with the closing scenes of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace.

Endor Ambush[]

This event focused on the Battle of Endor's ground assault, and ran from January 23 to February 6, 2014 at midnight EST. Similar to "Operation Hoth Defensive", players are placed in the Rebel Alliance and must fight various troopers defending the shield generator bunker. Raid bosses include Imperial troops (group), and AT-STs, and later troop formations led by Darth Vader, and the enemies fought are stormtroopers and scout troopers.

Another version of the event named "The Battle of Endor", featuring light side and dark side NPC formations, sector battles, and elite reinforcement squads in PvP battles, was held in January 2015.

Tatooine Bounty Hunt[]

This event was held from March 5-12, 2014, with a second event from June 5-11, 2014, and a third from September 26-October 2, 2014. The fourth event, from December 18-25, 2014, was renamed to "Galaxy's Most Feared" to feature a player-vs-player leaderboard competition for the highest event score. A fifth Bounty Hunt event was held from February 10-18, 2015.

While questing, players are contacted with "Bounty Requests" where the player could be sent on missions to bring in bounties for Jabba. The bounty missions had the player searching Tatooine from a top down strategy RPG-style quest grid where the player will search for the bounty targets, represented as other players, and fight them in formation battles. A request was only completed if all bounty targets in a single request were defeated with a time limit of 30 minutes. Players could choose to use BP (battle points) for increased attack power against a powerful opponent.

For the first two events, requests contained five bounty targets. Starting with the third event, requests contained one to three targets, and up to ten requests could be saved for later during the event.

Starting with the second Bounty Hunt event, requests were more likely to be received by the player if more of their legion members were online at a given time.

During the search, the player may find Item Containers. Bronze, and sometimes silver, containers were randomly placed in the desert, and containers ranging from bronze to gold were dropped by defeated bounty targets. Players also encountered opponents other than the bounty targets, as well as allies that revealed the general vicinity of the current bounty target on a minimap, or be called into battles until the current bounty target was defeated. Starting with the second Hunt, if an ally is called to reveal a target's location, the target card will be marked with a bright red clone trooper helmet. Since the fourth event, finding an ally replenished some of the player's EP (energy points) to resume the current quest.

If the player was defeated by an opponent other than a bounty target, they were sent back to the current round's starting point. If, however, they are defeated by a bounty target, the bounty mission ended and all containers were confiscated by Jabba.

Battle of Felucia[]

This event is held from March 19-26, 2014. Similar to previous events such as The Invasion of Naboo, the player's alignment on the Light Side or the Dark Side of the Force determined whether the player fought alongside the Jedi and Galactic Republic, or the Separatists. As such, quest encounters and battles against NPC formations, ranging from "scouting parties" to "strike teams", "reinforcements" and "main forces", were against either battle droids or clone troopers, though the event also featured PVP encounters. Light side players also encountered General Grievous and Dooku during the event quest, despite either of them not being canonically involved in the Battle of Felucia, and had the choice to avoid him or challenge his formation to a battle.

Players could choose to use more BP before a formation battle to summon a backup army of stack trooper cards.

Rise of the Death Star[]

This event began on April 3, 2014 and ended on April 11 at 3:00 am Eastern Time; it was extended by one day due to technical difficulties. Similar to Tatooine Bounty Hunt, players were contacted by Darth Vader with "search orders" while questing. Represented with a TIE fighter, they are sent to search for Rebel cargo ships represented by GR-75 medium transports, and collect resources to help in the second Death Star's construction. Rewards became available to all players as construction reached each 10% completion level.

Players navigated "Event Map" quest grids set within an asteroid field to search for randomly placed bronze Item Containers and encounter allies in TIE fighters and other opponents. Allies, once again, may reveal the target's general vicinity or called in to assist the player during the current grid. Enemy target cargo ships assigned by Vader may drop Item Containers ranging from bronze to gold. Opponents represented by cargo ships, not necessarily that of the target, are visible on the grid. However, unlike Tatooine Bounty Hunt, there are hidden opponents on certain grid squares, appearing as random encounters with an X-wing fly-by animation.

If a player lost against an opponent other than their target, they were sent back to the current grid's starting point. However, if a player lost against a target cargo ship opponent, all resources and Item Containers collected during the mission are lost and the current mission ended.

An EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate could be seen in the background of some event map grids.

At the end of the event, in original dialogue (possibly non-canon), General Veers reported to Vader that 91% of the resources were retrieved during the event. It ended with the opening scene of Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi depicting Vader's arrival on the second Death Star and meeting with Moff Jerjerrod.

Naboo Monster Hunting[]

This event ran from June 19-24, 2014, and featured an original story set after Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace. Similar to "Operation Hoth Defensive" and "Endor Ambush", players were placed in the role of the Jedi and Galactic Republic as they fight various creatures that have multiplied and have infested areas of Naboo. Event quests had players defeating shaaks, while the raid bosses were the opee sea killer, the colo claw fish, and the sando aqua monster. Players also faced formation battles with battle droid armies.

The event ended with Quarsh Panaka reporting to Queen Amidala that sixty percent of the creatures had been eradicated, and Nute Gunray confirming that he had conducted experiments involving biological weapons on Naboo to Darth Sidious, resulting in the outbreak.

Battle of Mygeeto[]

This event, set during the namesake event, was held on July 15-22, 2014. Like previous events, players are placed in the role of either the Jedi and Galactic Republic, or the Separatists, depending on the player's Force alignment. During the event quest, players strike down enemy clone troopers or droids, also depending on the player's alignment. Formation battles occur against other players (player vs. player) or NPCs. Players could, once again, choose to use BP before a formation battle to summon a backup army of stack trooper cards. The event was structured similarly to the "Battle of Felucia" event, with players given the opportunity to face non-canon encounters with Grievous and Dooku.

The Ancient Terror[]

This event ran from August 21-28, 2014. The Separatists have unleashed clones of the Zillo Beast on Coruscant, and Supreme Chancellor Palpatine has ordered a state of emergency. Players are assigned to join the Galactic Republic to defeat the Zillo Beast clones. This event runs similarly to the previous "Operation Hoth Defensive", "Endor Ambush", and "Naboo Monster Hunting" events. NPC formation battles are fought against battle droids, but raid boss battles are organized differently than they were before; the player's offense-formation is used, and a short time limit is provided to deal damage to the raid boss.

Anniversary events[]

Special events were held for the first-year anniversary of the release of Star Wars: Force Collection.

From Sept. 4-10, 2014, players could draw from a special card pack, the "Anniversary Celebration Card Pack" that included exclusive cards from previous events. Three draws could be made per day, but only the last card drawn would be rewarded to the player on Sept. 10.

An event, "Galactic Uprising", held on Sept. 10-18, 2014 puts players against the Galactic Empire; cards drawn from the ally-point card pack among all players are automatically used to attack the Emperor in this event. This event was similar to the raid boss battles of "Operation Hoth Defensive" and "Endor Ambush"; players successfully defeated the Emperor by depleting all four of his HP bars before the event ended. "Galactic Uprising" was reused during the May the 4th 2015 events as "Executive Action" from April 30-May 7, 2015, where players damaged the Executor with ally-point card draws.

From Sept. 2-9, 2015, the app celebrated its second-year anniversary. The "Galactic Uprising" event returned during the week as "Destroy the Death Star!", where players damaged the Executor and the second Death Star with card draws.

Battle of Kashyyyk[]

This event, held from October 9-16, 2014, was structured similarly to the previous Invasion of Naboo and Battle of Felucia events. Legion members also participated in sector battles to defend sectors against other legions.

This format was largely reused for the Battle of Utapau event, held from November 20-27, 2014.

Last Stands: Defensive Battles[]

This event, held from November 6-13, 2014, had players defending against AI-controlled users. A player selects two allies or legion members to defend a central base in a randomly-selected setting, and can control their positions on a map grid to attack opponents and deplete their Life Points (LP). Item containers were rewarded when AI-controlled opponents are defeated, and were received when all enemies were defeated. Relief supply containers sometimes dropped on the map, allowing a player or an enemy to temporarily inflict twice as much damage to their opponent's LP.

The event returned from February 4-11, 2015, with additional features such as Event Power Card bonuses, a new "Extreme" difficulty, the ability for players to set mines or use a stationary cannon to inflict LP damage, Boss Units with twice as much LP as a regular enemy, and opportunities to accept reinforcement offers that complete the mission early. Starting with this event, missions were given only during quests.

Player Appreciation Festival[]

This event began on the 28th of February, 2018. It aimed to thank players who stuck with the game until its closure and comprised of 3 volumes. The first began on February 28th and added the 5 star cards Luke Skywalker (jedi hermit) and Supreme Leader Snoke.

Small campaigns[]

Periodically, "login campaigns" are held. They allow the player to receive items such as credits, card tickets, or exclusive cards as long as the player opens the game each day. Similarly, trivia quiz campaigns may also be held; a multiple-choice question is provided each day, and answering correctly upgrades the reward for the day.

For Halloween 2013, there was a limited-time minigame at login where players could go "trick-or-treating" at houses. Shmi Skywalker, Watto, and Padmé Amidala gave various prizes, including a special C-3PO card, depending on which was randomly selected.

Revenge of the Bosses events are held periodically throughout the year, the first being from November 5-11, 2013. The player can randomly meet any of the planet bosses on the quests. The likelihood of a boss encounter increased the more a player's legion members were online at a given time since the third event in May 2014. The Revenge of the Bosses events focused on formation battles against these bosses, alongside various related characters. Certain characters could only be fought on each of the first six days, with the seventh day giving random opportunities to face all the characters featured during the given event.

A Map Quest-related event, "Expanded Borders: Death Star", ran from Sept. 4-10, 2014. The map targets were Ben Kenobi and Darth Vader. A second "Expanded Borders: Death Star" event ran from October 16-23, 2014, featuring Lando Calrissian and Shadow Stormtroopers. A third event in November 2014 featured Jan Dodonna and Grand Moff Tarkin.

A mini-game based on Konami's Contra series, featuring Chewbacca as the playable character and set during the Battle of Endor, was part of the May the 4th celebrations from April 23-May 27, 2015.[3] This mini-game was revisited in May 2017 with the name Operation: Going Solo.[4]


A review on TheForce.net Star Wars fansite noted the game's large selection of characters, but overall recommended that players avoid the game, citing interface issues, lack of challenge in player-vs-player interactions, and the possibly high cost in collecting cards.[5] Another review also praised the available collection of cards but cited similar issues, in the end giving it a one out of four.[6] A multi-day review finished by stating that it is addicting, and overall worth checking out if one is a Star Wars fan. It was given a 6 out of 10.[7]

Card list[]


Stack Cards

  • B1 Battle Droid Stack (Short range)
  • B1 Battle Droid Stack ()
  • B2 Super Battle Droid Stack (Short range)
  • B2 Super Battle Droid Stack ()
  • Clone Trooper Stack (Short range)
  • Clone Trooper Stack ()
  • Clone Trooper Phase 2 Stack (Short range)
  • Clone Trooper Phase 2 Stack ()
  • Ewok Stack (Short range)
  • Ewok Stack ()
  • Gungan Stack (Short range)
  • Gungan Stack (Medium range)
  • Sandtrooper Stack (Short range)
  • Sandtrooper Stack ()
  • Snowtrooper Stack (Short range)
  • Snowtrooper Stack ()
  • Stormtrooper Stack (Short range)
  • Stormtrooper Stack ()

Special/Event cards

  • Acklay (★★★)
  • Admiral Ackbar (★★★★★)
  • AT-AT Pilot (★★★)
  • Battle Droid: C-3PO (★★★)
  • Battle Droid (STAP) (★★★)
  • Commander Bacara (★★★★)
  • Commander Bacara (★★★★)
  • Jar Jar Binks [Gungan Senator] (★★★★★)
  • Clone Commander Bly (★★★★, Light side)
  • Clone Commander Bly (★★★★, Dark side)
  • Clone Commander Thire [Padawan] (★★★★★)
  • Clone Shock Trooper (★★★)
  • Clone trooper: Galactic Marine (★★★)
  • Boss Nass (★★★★)
  • Chief Chirpa (★★★)
  • C-3PO: Battle Droid (★★★)
  • C-3PO (★★★)
  • C-3PO & R2-D2 [May the 4th Limited Edition] (★★★★★)
  • Jan Dodonna (★★★★)
  • Dooku [Sith Lord] (★★★)
  • Colonel Dyer (★★★★★)
  • Jango Fett (★★★★)
  • Nute Gunray (★★★★)
  • Jabba the Hutt (★★★★)
  • Moff Jerjerrod (★★★★)
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi [Padawan] (★★★★★)
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi [Jedi Master] (★★★★★)
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi [Last of the Order] (★★★★★)
  • LM-432 crab droid (★★★)
  • Logray (★★★)
  • General Madine (★★★★★)
  • Darth Maul [Assassin] (★★★)
  • Mon Mothma (★★★)
  • Ki-Adi-Mundi (★★★)
  • Nexu (★★★)
  • Barriss Offee (★★★)
  • Leia Organa [Slave Leia] (★★★★)
  • Leia Organa [Princess in Captivity] (★★★)
  • Leia Organa (★★★★)
  • Leia Organa [1st Anniversary Limited Edition] (★★★★★)
  • Emperor Palpatine (★★★★★)
  • Supreme Chancellor Palpatine (★★★★)
  • Reek (★★★)
  • General Rieekan (★★★★)
  • Aayla Secura [Jedi General] (★★★)
  • Aayla Secura (★★★★)
  • Security Battle Droid (★★★)
  • Shaak (★★★)
  • Shadow Stormtrooper (★★★★)
  • Anakin Skywalker [The Fallen One](★★★★★)
  • Luke Skywalker (Special)
  • Luke Skywalker (★★★)
  • Luke Skywalker [May the 4th Limited Edition] (★★★★★)
  • Han Solo (Special)
  • Grand Moff Tarkin (★★★★★)
  • Teebo (★★★)
  • Darth Vader [May the 4th Limited Edition] (★★★★★)
  • General Veers (★★★)
  • General Veers (★★★★)
  • Viper Probe Droid (★★★)
  • Mace Windu (★★★★)
  • Master Yoda (Special)
  • Master Yoda [Exile on Dagobah] (★★★★★)


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