Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter is the video-game sequel to Star Wars: Starfighter, available on the PlayStation 2 (PS2) and Xbox. It was developed by LucasArts, and released on March 10, 2002 for the PS2, and on May 13 on the Xbox. It takes place prior to and during the events of Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones, ten years after the events of the first game. It also served to introduce many elements from the film prior to its release.

The actor Jeff Seaberg provided the voices for several characters, including Kole.

Opening crawl[]

It is a dark time for the galaxy.
Under the leadership of
Count Dooku, a growing number
of worlds threatens to leave the
Galactic Republic.

As Dooku gains loyal followers, the
Jedi Knights struggle to maintain
peace and order. The Jedi Council has
ordered ADI GALLIA to test a new
prototype starfighter in the hopes
that it will provide the Jedi with
greater firepower.

Meanwhile, Count Dooku has made
a deal with captain CAVIK TOTH
and the Trade Federation that could
secure victory in the war to come....


The game opens above Geonosis, where Captain Cavik Toth of Sabaoth Squadron is contacted by Count Dooku. Along with the Trade Federation and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Sabaoth Squadron is developing a weapon called trihexalon in the Karthakk system.

Meanwhile, Jedi Master Adi Gallia is tasked by Mace Windu to meet with and possibly recruit the mercenary Nym, little-known hero of the Battle of Naboo. Gallia uses the mission as an opportunity to test the new Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptor—the "Jedi starfighter"—and after a successful training session with Saesee Tiin above Coruscant, Adi departs in her prototype starfighter to meet with Nym's representative, Reti. Their meeting is interrupted by the arrival of Trade Federation droid starfighters, forcing the two pilots into a battle with them and their C-9979 landing craft. Gallia and Reti prevail—though their actions are witnessed by both a Sabaoth Squadron spy ship and Jango Fett, the latter looking to claim a bounty on Reti's head.

Reti escorts Adi to Maramere, where Nym and his lieutenant Jinkins are attempting to steal codes to an orbital prison from a small island base. Their mission is a success, but only with Adi's help do they defeat the Federation forces deployed to stop them. Nym refuses to hear Gallia out, though he does allow her to join the raid on Spacestation 1138, where members of the Mere Resistance are being held. The codes procured by Jinkins allow Captain Orsai and his men to escape prison, and, with Nym, Gallia and other pilots flying interference, the escapees board the Liberator and escape into hyperspace.

With his team bolstered, Nym returns to Maramere to destroy a sensor station that has been tracking his movements over the past decade. The strike force battles past the station's aquatic defenses, and is successful in destroying the facility. However, the Neimoidian Harro Ruuk survives, and launches a desperate attack on Nym's forces from a submersible assault craft. He puts up formidable resistance, but is ultimately overwhelmed and his vessel destroyed—though Ruuk himself ejects, and flees the scene.

In orbit over Nod Kartha, Captain Toth, accompanied by Lieutenant Bella, meets with Ruuk and two other Neimoidians in charge of the trihexalon project. Toth is displeased by their tardiness, and turns their own weapon against them, killing the project leaders and assuming control himself. Meanwhile, Nym and Jinkins launch an attack on a Federation mining facility at Mount Merakan, while Adi, Reti and Sol Sixxa defend Maramere's capital city, Point Modie, from Toth's first trihexalon weapon test.

Jedi Starfighter

Realizing the threat of this new weapon, Nym and his team make for Nod Kartha, the heavily defended center of trihexalon production. Upon emerging from hyperspace over the planet, Captain Orsai's cruiser, Kethor, is struck by an orbital defense cannon, leaving only the Tritus as the team's heavy weapons cruiser. While it and the starfighters battle Vulture droids, Scarab fighters and droid bombers, the Kethor sets a collision course with one of the planet's three orbital deflector shield generators. His men evacuate the doomed cruiser, though Orsai himself goes down with his ship as it smashes into the generator, destroying it. At that point, Sabaoth Squadron arrives in the form of several frigates and waves of Sabaoth starfighters. Nym's forces fight back, and are eventually able to destroy the remaining two generators and make for the surface. However, Jango Fett also joins the battle, and forces Reti into hyperspace, destination unknown.

Two pilots down, the strike team continues undaunted, launching a brave attack on the main trihexalon production facility. Fending off starfighters and Trade Federation frigates, Nym is able to enter the factory and bomb the main reactor, effectively cutting off Toth's supply of Hex weapons. Mission accomplished, the team decides to split: Adi has been ordered to Geonosis, to aid with a large-scale invasion, while Nym intends to take back his base on Lok. The two part on friendly terms, with Nym having finally come to respect the Jedi Master. As Adi departs, Nym's pilots battle the Sabaoth destroyer Reaver to a disabled Orbital Defense Cannon over Nod Kartha, intending to assemble it on the moon over Lok.

Adi is reunited with her Padawan, Siri Tachi, and the two escort the Republic assault ship Aken, carrying thousands of clone troopers and Master Yoda himself, to the surface of Geonosis. They battle past Geonosian starfighters and a blockade of Trade Federation Missile Frigates, and later aid the clone troopers in their initial strikes against the Confederacy on the planet's surface.

Meanwhile, Nym marshals his forces for a strike against the Trade Federation base on Lok, formerly Nym's own headquarters. First, they attack Lok's moon, Khons, and set up their captured cannon. It becomes a race against time with the arrival of a Trade Federation cruiser, though the Lok Revenants are able to install the cannon and destroy the oncoming cruiser. The cannon is deployed during Nym's main assault on the base, where it destroys several refueling Trade Federation dropships and missile frigates as Nym battles waves of droid starfighters. Sol Sixxa leads a speeder bike squad on a commando mission to destroy the main doors, allowing Nym to enter the base and destroy the droid factory within. Lieutenant Bella is waiting for him in her assault transport, and engages Nym in a vicious dogfight. Nym prevails, and finally takes back Lok. He is also joined by Vana Sage, his companion from the battle of Naboo, who promises to track down Reti, else learn of his fate.

The First Battle of Geonosis has begun. Adi and Siri return to orbit, only to find Captain Toth's Hex fleet assembled above, ready to bomb the planet's surface and destroy the Republic war effort. Adi and Siri, aided by several other Jedi pilots in Delta-7 fighters, destroy the Hex Deployers and Bombers, though are subsequently forced to contend with two Sabaoth Destroyers and their starfighter complements. Fortunately, help arrives in the form of Nym's team, soon followed by three Mere cruisers. The Destroyers are overwhelmed, though a third appears to take their place: Toth's flagship. This, too, is unable to stand against the combined firepower of the Lok Revenants, though Toth himself escapes his doomed flagship in his personal starfighter. He challenges Adi to a dogfight, but is no match for the Jedi Master. He loses control of his starfighter, which is destroyed by Gallia moments before his flagship explodes.

The battle below is won, though not without cost, as Mace Windu relays to Adi. Fortunately, with Toth dead, the Sabaoth Squadron is no longer a threat. The Jedi attempt to recruit Nym, impressed with his actions during the campaign, though he remains wary of joining the Jedi. Nevertheless, he is now a firm ally of the Republic, and Adi promises to continue serving as the protector of the Karthakk system.


In much the same manner as Star Wars: Starfighter, the sequel allows players to pilot a variety of starfighters in a 3D space simulation set across fifteen campaign levels and multiple bonus levels. In addition to mission objectives required to be completed by the player, each level contains one bonus and one hidden objective, the completion of which unlocks secret missions, videos, and playable starfighters.

Initially, the player can fly two starfighters: Adi Gallia's Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptor, and Nym's Havoc bomber. The latter is equipped with four "secondary weapons" (energy bomblets, cruise missiles, cluster missiles and proximity mines) in addition to its primary laser cannons, while the former employs both quad-pulse lasers and four Force powers in combat: Force Shield, making the starfighter briefly invulnerable; Force lightning, able to destroy chains of small- to medium-sized enemies; Force reflex, slowing down time in the environment around the player to simulate lightning-fast Jedi reactions; and Force Shockwave, which emits a powerful destructive ring from the ship, damaging or destroying anything in its radius.

Bonus, unlockable starfighters also have secondary weapons: Reti's Zoomer wields a powerful heavy cannon in addition to three of Nym's secondary weapons; the Freefall can release mechanized drone fighters; the X-wing fires proton torpedoes and can toggle its S-foils for combat; the Republic Gunship is armed with concussion missiles and a beam weapon; and Slave I comes equipped with torpedoes and seismic charges. Additionally, if one uses the code "HEADHUNT", the Z-95 Headhunter is usable with the same armament as the X-wing.


The game features five training missions and fifteen combat missions.

Mission 1: The Informant[]

Master Adi Gallia travels to the Ruby Nebula to find her contact with the Lok Resistance.

  • Bonus objective: Destroy escaping data pods.
  • Hidden objective: Destroy the spyship.

Mission 2: Unlikely Allies[]

Reti leads Adi Gallia to Nym, leader of the Lok Revenants, in the middle of an operation against the Trade Federation.

Mission 3: Prison Break[]

Using the stolen codes from the island base on Maramere, Nym attempts to free his men from the infamous Spacestation 1138.

Mission 4: Turning the Tides[]

Nym and Adi escort Demolition Boats to dismantle the troublesome Trade Federation sensor station on the islands of Maramere.

  • Bonus objective: Both Demolition Boats must survive.
  • Hidden objective: Destroy all Tractor Beam Towers.

Mission 5: Poisoned Skies[]

Cavik Toth tests his new secret weapon against a peaceful coastal community as Adi and Reti race to intercept the attack.

  • Bonus objective: Protect the island shelter.
  • Hidden objective: Destroy all enemies.

Mission 6: Mount Merakan[]

Nym and Jinkins raid a massive Trade Federation complex at the top of the vast Mount Merakan.

Mission 7: Hammer and Anvil[]

Aided by Mere Cruisers, Adi and Nym attempt to break through the formidable defense network surrounding the planet Nod Kartha.

  • Bonus objective: The Tritus takes no hull damage.
  • Hidden objective: Destroy all three Trade Federation Freighters.

Mission 8: Demolition Squad[]

Adi guides Nym and his team of red devil comrades into shield bunkers protecting the Trihexalon factory on Nod Kartha.

  • Bonus objective: All commandos survive.
  • Hidden objective: Destroy all landers and Freighters.

Mission 9: Dragon's Den[]

With the production source of the Trihexalon weapon exposed, Nym and the Lok Revenants focus their assault on the massive factory complex.

Mission 10: Tug of War[]

Nym, Jenkins and the Lok Revenants attempt to recover the parts to an Orbital Defense Cannon from the wreckage above Nod Kartha.

  • Bonus objective: Destroy all missile frigates.
  • Hidden objective: Lose no friendly Tugs.

Mission 11: Escort to Geonosis[]

A transport carrying the clone army is ambushed in the asteroid belt above Geonosis. Adi Gallia and Siri Tachi must escort the vessel to safety.

  • Bonus objective: Destroy the pursuing missile frigates.
  • Hidden objective: Destroy all Trade Federation Landers.

Mission 12: Cannon Fodder[]

Rebuilding the Orbital Cannon on the Khons moon above Lok is Nym's last hope at regaining his crater base.

  • Bonus objective: All tugs must survive.
  • Hidden objective: Destroy all turrets.

Mission 13: Attack of the Clones[]

Adi Gallia and Siri Tachi escort a group of Clone Troopers to destroy Geonosian military infrastructure vital to the Confederacy.

Mission 14: Heart of the Storm[]

Now in command of the Orbital Cannon, Nym returns to Lok to reclaim his base from the Trade Federation.

  • Bonus objective: Destroy all escaping Dropships.
  • Hidden objective: All Mere Transports must survive.

Mission 15: The Jedi Master[]

Adi and Siri must stop Captain Cavik Toth and his war fleet before he reaches Geonosis with the secret weapon.

  • Bonus objective: Destroy all Hex Bombers and Missiles.
  • Hidden objective: All Mere Cruisers must survive.

Bonus Missions[]

Extra levels are unlocked as the player progresses through the main campaign, along with bonus materials such as LucasArts trailers, image slideshows, a team commentary and outtakes.

Escort Duty[]

Randomly generated enemies threaten peaceful vessels as Adi Gallia and Nym scramble to protect them.

  • One or two player

Advanced Prototype Test[]

Guided by Saesee Tiin, Adi Gallia tests the performance of the prototype Jedi Starfighter under extreme conditions.

  • One player only (Jedi starfighter)

Riding Shotgun[]

As Nym streaks toward the Mountain Base, his turret gunner must be on the lookout for trouble.

  • Complete Mission 6 Bonus Objective to unlock
  • One player (Havoc turret)

The Lone Gunship[]

Cut off from the main Republic battle group, a single Gunship stumbles onto a Confederate counterattack.

  • Complete Mission 13 Bonus Objective to unlock for one player
  • Complete all 2 player Hidden Objectives to unlock for two player
  • One or two player (Republic gunship/gunship turret)

Jango Fett[]

Jango Fett, the galaxy's most feared bounty hunter, has finally tracked down the infamous smuggler Race Kartan. Jango knows that Race won't give up easily.

  • Complete Mission 15 Bonus Objective to unlock
  • One player only (Slave I)

Coruscant Cloudtops[]

Try to control territories by flying near them unopposed. Earn points for each territory controlled and for each enemy destroyed. Spend points to buy wingmates. First team to 100 points wins.

  • Xbox version only
  • Two player only (Zoomer/Slave I)

Classic Dogfight[]

Dogfight as an X-wing vs. a TIE Fighter in an abandoned Trade Federation training facility in the Ruby Nebula.

  • Complete Mission 2 Bonus Objective to unlock
  • Two player only (X-wing/TIE fighter)

Droid Hunter[]

Destroy swarms of enemy craft before they can enter the teleportation Orb.

  • Complete Mission 11 Bonus Objective to unlock
  • Two player only (Adi/Jenkins)

Showdown Over Geonosis[]

Jango Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi face-off in the asteroid belt over Geonosis.

  • Complete all 2 player Hidden Objectives to unlock
  • Two player only (Jedi starfighter/Slave I)


In the bonus level "Escort Duty," sometimes Imperial TIE Fighters may show up and X-wings will come to assist you, given the enemies are randomized.

In the bonus level "Jango Fett," Reti will show up in his Zoomer if Fett flies near a lone asteroid. In the the Xbox version of the game it is simply one Reti. However, in the PlayStation 2 version, multiple Retis will appear.

Certain dialogue in the game will change if the player has a save file from Star Wars: Starfighter in their memory.

In the level "Mount Merakan", a B1 battle droid can be seen building a snowman at the base of the mountain on the far side from the level's starting point.


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