"Episode 2" is the second episode of Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge, a children's game show set in the Star Wars universe. The episode premiered on June 10, 2020 on the Star Wars Kids Youtube channel.[1]

Official description[]

Join Jedi Master Kelleran Beq (Ahmed Best), wise-cracking protocol droid AD-3 (Mary Holland), and astromech LX-R5 in Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge, as they guide Padawans Paeyton and Paige (Blue Team), Addison and Bryson (Orange Team), and Siena and Zakai (Purple Team) in their quest to become Jedi Knights! #StayHome #WithMe[1]

Plot summary[]


The episode opens with an introduction by Jedi Master Kelleran Beq recapping the history of the Jedi. Three Jedi teams must prove their strength, knowledge and bravery to become Jedi Knights. We are introduced to Purple Team members Zakai and Siena, who are close friends. They are followed by Blue Team members Paeyton and Paige, who are sisters. Next are Orange Team members Addison and Bryson, who are both best friends.

Beq explains that the team members have to endure three trials including the strength trials on a distant world, the knowledge trials aboard a Jedi star cruiser, and a Jedi Temple challenge trial in order to become Jedi Knights.

Master Beq introduces the children to his droids AD-3 and LX-R5. AD-3 reviews their data files. Ten-year old twins Paige and Paeyton say that they are a tough team who will bring down other competitors. Ten-year old best friends Addison and Bryson say that they are very competitive and will rock this competition. Twelve-year old best friends Siena and Zakai say that they have amazing experience, good team work and vow to crush the competition. AD-3 reminds the children of the attributes that a Jedi must have. The children chant strength, knowledge and bravery.

Strength trials[]

Beq introduces the children to the Strength Trials, which consists of a series of obstacle courses to obtain the parts to build their lightsaber. AD-3 says that the "Leap and Lift" tests their jumping, the "Power Pull" tests their might, "Saber Stability" tests their balance, and the "Swing of Strength" tests their strength. Each obstacle unlocks a piece of their lightsaber hilt. The first two teams to complete their obstacle courses and obtain their lightsaber hilts will move on to the next trial.

Beg activates the floating rocks and tells the children to put their foot on the platform before sending them off on their first trial. Orange Team starts on the "Swing of Strength" where they have to obtain the circle. The Blue Team undertakes the "Power Pul" which involves using their token to unlock their hilt piece. The Purple Team takes part in the "Leap and Lift" which involves jumping on a machine to reach Meiloorun fruit.

Orange Team swings across and obtains their first set of parts. The Purple Team also obtains their parts as well. The Orange and Purple teams are neck to neck in the lead. Zakai and Siena take part in the "Saber Stability" trial which involves navigating over moving kids. Paeyton and Paige obtain their parts, catching up with the other two translators.

Addison and Bryson complete the "Leap and Lift" challenge. AD-3 says that she is pleased with the teams' amazing sense of balance. Beq adds all Padawans should have.

Working together, the twins Paeyton and Paige obtain their parts from the "Swing of Strength" obstacle course. They bring their hilt pieces back to the assembly stone. Bryson obtains part of his hilt from the Saber Stability challenge. Zakai and Siena obtain their second pieces, with the three teams neck in neck.

Team Purple head to the Power Pull while Team Orange obtain their third set of pieces. AD-3 thinks this is a tight challenge while LX-R5 beeps. Blue Team also brings their third set of pieces. Team Purple obtains their third set and races to get their final piece. Team Orange obtain their fourth set while the Blue Team navigate the "Saber Stability" challenge.

Zakai and Siena race Addison and Bryson to find their fourth sets of lightsaber parts. Addison and Bryson struggle with their bag packs, which AD-3 remakes are filled with rocks. Preyton and Paige struggle with the "Saber Stability" challenge while Siena and Zakai work together to obtain their fourth set of lightsaber parts. Orange Team obtains their final parts. Blue Team falls behind when one of the twins loses her balance and falls onto the trampoline. She makes a second attempt and gets the device.

Siena and Zakai are the first team to reach the assembly stone and assemble their lightsabers. Addison and Bryson follow shortly and race to assemble their hilts. Paeyton and Paige arrive third place.

As Master Beq announces that the challenge is complete, the team members high five each other. Master Beq congratulates the Purple and Orange teams. He thanks Blue Team for their valiant effort but sends them back to the Jedi Temple to continue their training and hopes to see them again. Paeyton and Paige recall that it was challenging and difficult but fun. Paige advises other Padawans not to give up.

Knowledge trial[]

Story time[]

Master Bey leads Teams Blue and Orange aboard the Jedi cruiser Athylia while AD-3 goes to get some oil for her legs. LX-R5 beeps. Bey welcomes the Padawans aboard the Athylia and tells them that as part of the trial of knowledge, they have to listen to a tale and have to answer questions and locate objects related to the story from around the ship. All answers go into holocrons. The first team which answers these questions correctly will be awarded these holocrons, which will be needed inside the Jedi Temple.

AD-3 tells the story. On the rocky world of Enujut, Peacekeeper Evor Haris welcomed all visitors, most recently a ship of one-legged gray Zemerin, a species of one-legged beings who could fix anything from starships to food replicators. Later in town, Haris broke up a fight between a long-eared smuggler and an Ugnaught merchant. Seconds later, he intervened in an altercation between a technician and her assistant over a stolen orange and white data unit.

After that, two Ewoks argued over which was taller and the cantina erupted into a fight over whose food capsules were tastiest. Haris was enraged and wanted to punch people with his fists. However, a blue protocol droid told him that these petty arguments had erupted as soon as the Zemerin had arrived. The blue protocol droid told Haris that the Zemerin were telepaths who fed on negative energy and were only there to cause trouble.

Haris lost his temper and chased the droid into a transport, calling him a "vile moper" and other insults under Enujut's three suns. The Zemerin followed behind to feed on the negative energy like scavengers. Suddenly, the transport door slammed shut and Haris jumped from an emergency hatch. The blue droid took off with the ship and the Zemerin aboard. Watching with a pair of macrobinoculars, Haris smiled as the ship disappeared from view. Blasting off to their home planet, the Zemerin were going to be hopping mad when they realized that they were tricked.

Knowledge quiz[]

Beq complimented AD-3's storytelling before telling the teams to split up into pilots and engineers. AD-3 reminds the engineers to obtain items from the cabin and place them on the console while pilots have to press the correct button on the cockpit.

Beq starts with the engineers, asking them what type of ears did the smuggler have. Padawan Bryson is the first to pick an object showing a humanoid with long ears. Beq tells him that he is correct before asking the pilots how many Ewoks were arguing. Seina responds that two Ewoks were arguing. Beq tells the Padawans they were correct, complimenting them for their knowledge.

For the third question, Beq asks the engineers what did Peacekeeper Haris use to watch the Zemerin. Zakai correctly chooses a pair of macrobinoculars, taking the Purple Team to the lead. For the fourth question, Beq asks the pilots what color was the protocol droid. Padawan Addison correctly answers that it was blue, bringing the two teams neck in neck.

For the fifth question, Beq asks the pilots and engineers about the Zemerin's special power. Zakai answers correctly that they had telepathy, bringing the Purple team to the lead. For the sixth question, Beq asks the pilots how many suns did Enuju have. Siena correctly responds that the planet had three suns, giving the Purple team a four to two lead over the Orange Team.

Addison tells Bryson that they have to get this question right. Bryson remarks that he is nervous. For the seventh question, Beq asks the engineers what type of landscape did Enuju have. Bryson correctly replies that Enuju had a rocky landscape, raising the Orange team's points to three against the Purple team's four. AD-3 encourages the Orange team.

For the eighth question, Beq asks the pilots how many legs did the Zemerin have. Siena replies that they had one leg, bringing Purple team to the lead with a tally of five questions to the Purple team's four. Master Beq congratulates the Purple team for their victory while AD-3 remarks that she could not remember the answers to the questions. LX-R5 beeps in the background.

Master Beq tells Bryson and Allison that they should be proud of their accomplishments. While their path to becoming a Jedi Knight is not over, he tells them that they need to return to the Jedi Temple for training. AD-3 tells them to have fun at the Jedi Order and to tell them that she said hi. Addison says that they did the best they can while Bryson says that he is looking forward to the opportunity of doing it again.

Temple trials[]

Later, Master Beq tells Siena and Zakai to collect their team's holocrons because they are heading to the Jedi Temple. After sliding it into their pouches, the two Padawans climb into the cockpit, using the hyperdrive to travel to the coordinates of the Jedi Temple.

The Athylia exits hyperspace above a rocky world with two moons. At the Jedi Temple, Master Beq welcomes Siena and Zakai to the Temple trial, leading AD-3 to ask him how many times it took for him to complete the Jedi trials. Beq replies that is not important and insists on getting back to work. LX-R5 quips.

Beq tells the Padawans that behind them is the Jedi Temple and that they must use what they have learned to conquer the mysteries inside in order to obtain the kyber crystals that will power their lightsabers. He warns them to be patient because the dark side will tempt them to take an easy path forward. While the decision is theirs, he warns them that it may affect the later stages of their Temple trial. He tells them to trust in the Force and that his connection to the Force will allow him to experience what they are experiencing.

Siena and Zakai run into the Temple, climbing the summit to the Galaxy Globe where they need to match colors. The two work together to match their colors to the machine before splitting up on the slide to the garbage masher. There, they have to find objects to match the glyph patterns on a table. The two work together to find the objects while Beq warns them about the dark side.

While Zakai searches for the objects, the dark side tempts Siena, asking her to touch the panel. Later, Zakai recalls that the dark side was annoying and speaking loudly. In the present, Zakai tells Siena to pick an object with a triangle while the dark side doubts her judgment and claims that time is running out, saying that they will never be Jedi.

While Zakai tells Siena to look for a triangle-shaped object, the dark side goads Siena, telling her to give in to her anger. He tells Zakai to give in to the dark side. Growing frustrated with the trial, Zakai gives in to the dark side and touches the dark side object. The dark side taunts them for falling into his trap. Later, Zakai recalls that Siena would have preferred that they do it the honest way but that he decided to give in to the dark side because he thought it would be shorter.

In the power connector challenge, Zakai and Siena enter a darkened chamber, where they have to connect all the power cables to matching power connectors. The dark side voice tells them to have fun connecting the cables and power connectors in the dark. He taunts them during the trial as the Padawans attempt to connect the objects. He taunts them for Zakai's earlier choice. Despite the dark side's taunts, they manage to complete the challenge, much to the dismay of the dark side.

After the lights return, Zakai and Siena abseil over the frigid ridge as time runs against them. The two of them then navigate the bridge of balance which involves balancing on bridges to light the path across the bridge. Zakai struggles to get his disc to light up however they run out of time. Later, Zakai expresses disappointment at not completing the trials and getting the robe and the lightsaber.


Returning to the Temple's exit, Zakai and Siena are greeted by AD-3, who reassures them that they were close to completing their trials. Master Beq tells the Padawans that unfortunately he sensed that the dark side had clouded their judgment in the final trial. While giving in to their frustrations cost them the trial today, he counsels them to work on their patience. The voice of Yoda reassures them that they will still become Jedi Knights.

Following the trial, Siena reflects that they did pretty good on the Trials of Strength, saying that it was pretty fun. Zakai adds that being athletic and tall gave them an advantage. Siena opines that the questions at the Trials of Knowledge were pretty random and that the some parts of the Temple trials were easy while others were hard. Siena and Zakai say that they were so close. Yoda tells them may the Force be with them always.


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