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"Episode 9" is the ninth episode of Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge, a children's game show set in the Star Wars universe. The episode premiered on July 29, 2020 on the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel.[1]

Official description[]

Join Jedi Master Kelleran Beq (Ahmed Best), wise-cracking protocol droid AD-3 (Mary Holland), and astromech LX-R5 in Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge, as they guide Padawans Evangeline and Valentina (Blue Team), Christopher and Christian (Orange Team), and Ella and Maddy (Purple Team) in their quest to become Jedi Knights![1]

Plot summary[]


The episode opens with an introduction by Jedi Master Kelleran Beq that the Jedi Knights have been the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy for over a thousand generations. Three Padawan teams must prove that they have the strength, knowledge and bravery to become Jedi Knights.

We are introduced to 11-year old twin sisters Evangeline and Valentina of the Blue Team. They are followed by 11-year old Christian and 13-year old Christopher of the Orange Team, who are both brothers. We are then introduced to 10-year old best friends Ella and Maddy of the Purple Team, who say that they are ready to become Jedi Knights.

Master Beq explains that the contestants have to endure three trials: the strength trials on a distant world, the knowledge trials aboard a Jedi star cruiser, and a trial of bravery inside the Jedi Temple to become Jedi Knights. He asks if the Jedi Padawans will be tempted by the dark side or if they will keep their minds focused on the light side of the Force. He says that it is time to face their Jedi Temple Challenge.

On the forested world, Master Beq introduces himself and his trusty droids AD-3 and LX-R5 to the Padawans. AD-3 says hello while LX-R5. Beq asks if they are ready to become Jedi Knights and the Padawans shout yes. Beq remarks that it looks like they have a confident group today while AD-3 reviews their files.

Evangeline says that what makes them a good team is that they are twins and that they have twin telepathy. Her sister Valentina finishes off that we can think what we are thinking. Meanwhile, Christian says that he and his brother Christopher are going to win because they work together a lot and are competitive. Christopher finishes off that we have teamwork in their minds. Ella says that they are not scared of anything while Maddy says that they are not afraid to take any chances. Maddy jokes that others can see them in their nightmares. AD-3 reminds the Padawans about the attributes of a Jedi. The contestants repeat strength, knowledge, and bravery.

Strength Trials[]

Master Beq backs up AD-3 and introduces them to the first challenge of the day, a Jedi obstacle trial called the Strength Trials, which they must complete in order to build their lightsaber. AD-3 explains that the Leap and Lift tests their jumping, the Power Pull tests their tests their might, Saber Stability tests their balance, and the Swing of Strength tests their swinging and strength. She explains that every obstacle they complete unlocks a piece of their lightsaber hilt. The first two teams to finish every obstacle and collect their hilt pieces will move on to the Knowledge Trial and be one step closer to entering the Jedi Temple.

Master Beq tells the Padawans to place their feet on the Jedi platform before using the Force to lift rocks. AD-3 says that she loves it when Beq uses the Force to lift rocks. Master Beq sends the Padawans on their trials.

The Blue Team starts on the Swing of Strength where one partner swings across the gap while the other grabs the correct key from the tree stump needed to access their hilt pieces. Evangeline and Valentina work together to find a square. Orange Team start on the Power Pull, working together to pull themselves to the other side and then use the token in their bagpack to access the hilt pieces. Christian struggles to hold on and calls Christopher for help as they reach the other side of the Power Pull. The Purple Team enter the Leap and Lift challenge where they need to jump on the Force pad and grab two meiloorun fruits before their hilt pieces reveal themselves. Ella and Maddy take turns to grab the fruits.

Meanwhile, Orange Team obtain their first set of hilt pieces, earning the praise of Master Beq and AD-3. Christopher and Christian make their way back on the sled, with Beq warning them that the return journey can be difficult. Blue Team obtain their first piece in the Swing of Strength. As the two sisters return with their hilt pieces, AD-3 praises them for dominating that challenge while LX-R5 beeps. Blue Team is the first to return and they place their hilt pieces on the assembly stones.

Blue Team enters Saber Stability which involves crossing the fallen logs and knocking down floating rocks with their training sabers. Master Beq reminds AD-3 that he was nicknamed the "Sabered Hand" much to the annoyance of AD-3. LX-R5 beeps. Maddy struggles to reach her hilt piece and lets Ella get it for her. Master Beq praises them for their teamwork while AD-3 praises Ella for her climbing skills. The two sisters head back with their first set of pieces to the assembly stone.

Orange Team return from the Power Pull with their first set of lightsaber hilts. Master Beq praises Christopher and Christian for tying up the challenge, with each team having one to one. He encourages them to stay together.

Purple Team attempts the Swing of Strength but Maddy falls off. Master Beq encourages her to try again. Meanwhile, Orange Team enters the Leap and Lift trial where Christian obtains the lightsaber hilts with the encouragement of Christopher, Master Beq, and AD-3. Blue Team completes the Saber Stability trial quickly and return with their second set of hilt pieces. Evangeline and Valentina take the lead with two hilt pieces and enter the Power Pull challenge. Master Beq hopes that their weighted bagpacks don't slow them down.

Orange Team returns with their second hilt pieces to the assembly table and head to the Saber Stability challenge. Meanwhile, Ella takes over for Maddy on the Swing of Strength and reaches the other side. Maddy checks if the key from the tree is correct but Ella says no. Maddy picks up the second piece and Ella says yes. Master Beq praises them for their success.

The Blue Team obtains their third hilt pieces, earning the praise of Master Beq and the droids. Christopher and Christian unlock their third hilt pieces in the Saber Stability challenge and head back. Meanwhile, Blue Team returns with their third set of hilt pieces, placing them in the lead with Orange Team having found two sets of hilt pieces and Purple Team one set.

While Christopher guides Christian back on the log challenge, Ella and Maddy exit the Swing of Strength. Master Beq praises Ella for helping Maddy. The Orange and Purple Teams soon return with their hilt pieces. Orange has three while Purple has two; tying Orange with Blue.

Evangeline and Valentina enter the Leap and Lift challenge and work together to grab their meiloorun fruits. Orange Team enters the Swing of Strength. Christian swings across the gap while Christopher guides him by telling him that it is a circle. Blue Team takes turns to grab their hilt pieces from the log while Purple Team enters the Power Pull challenge. Maddy almost falls off but Ella helps her up. Master Beq encourages Maddy, telling her that they believe in her. The two pull themselves across the Power Pull challenge.

Evangeline and Valentina return with their fourth set of hilt pieces. Master Beq congratulates them for the being the first team to finish the challenge. AD-3 is excited and says she hopes they can finish it quickly. LX-R5 beeps. Christopher and Christian obtain their final hilt pieces from the Swing of Strength and hurry back to assemble their hilts.

Blue Team finish assembling their lightsaber hilts, earning the praise of AD-3 who says they will be the first to enter the next trial. Christopher and Christian return to the assembly table and work together to assemble their lightsaber hilts. As Ella struggles to hold on, Master Beq encourages them by telling Purple Team that they are still in the race. Ella falls off to the alarm of AD-3. Meanwhile, Orange Team finish assembling their lightsaber hilts, becoming the second team to complete the Trials of Strength. Master Beq announces that the challenge is complete.

Following the Strength Trials, Master Beq congratulates the Blue and Orange Teams, telling them that they will be moving on to the next trial. Master Beq reassures Ella and Maddy that they "gave it their all" but that they need to return to the Jedi Order for more training. He wishes that the Force will be with them. AD-3 wishes them goodbye.

In a follow-up video, Ella says that if she could do it again, she would concentrate more on what she is doing. She says that it was a fun experience being here and that she would love to do it again. Maddy agrees and says that she would love to do it again.

Master Beq tells the Blue and Orange Team that the journey continues for the rest of them and asks if they are ready. The Padawans shout yes while AD-3 jokes about being in the front seat but admits that her legs doesn't fit the console. LX-R5 beeps but AD-3 says that he doesn't have legs.

Knowledge Trial[]

Story time[]

In space, Master Beq welcomes Padawans Evangeline, Valentina, Christopher and Christian aboard the Jedi star cruiser Athylia. He asks if they are ready for their second trial. The Padawans say yes. Beq explains that they will hear a tale after which they will have to work together with their team-mate to locate items from the story that they have just heard. These objects will be hidden throughout the Athylia. Every correct answer will be stored as data on their team's holocron. As a storage device lifts the holocrons, LX-R5 beeps.

Master Beq explains that the first team to answer all five questions correctly will be awarded holocrons, which they will need inside the Jedi Temple. AD-3 mumbles temple repeatedly while LX-R5 beeps. Master Beq asks the Padawans if they are ready to hear their tale with the Padawans answering yes.

AD-3 begins her tale. In a galaxy full of obnoxious aliens, beeping droids and buzzing lightsabers, Ryla was most comfortable keeping quiet and taking pictures. One morning, Ryla was snapping holopics of her wooden convor bird. Suddenly, ten armored soldiers marched into her village, warning of a blue gas leak forcing everyone to investigate as a safety measure from their red stone homes. Ryla's family and the fort other displaced villages evacuated but something about the soldiers' mismatched black and white armor felt off to Ryla.

Her little brother tugged on her tunic. "I forgot Too-Too, we need to go back," he cried.

Ryla knew that nobody would get a night's sleep if her brother didn't have his favorite white and red stuffed tooka. She broke away from the crowd and snuck back to her village. When she got there, she found four soldiers in her house. Three of them had their helmets off, proceeding to devour all the food and jump on their beds because they could.

"These aren't soldiers at all. They are Weequay pirates. We're been tricked," Ryla thought. She reached into her brown satchel for her holocam to snap a holopic as evidence. Soon she ran back to her family and the other villagers to tell them the truth about the soldiers.

Furious, the villagers stormed their homes, forcing the pirates to retreat and everyone in the village slept well, knowing that no one had put their muddy boots in their beds. And so ends the best and only story I have ever told this group of Padawans. LX-R5 beeps.

Question time[]

Addressing the Padawans, Master Beq tells them to choose who will search for clues in the cockpit while the other will take the engineer's position searching for clues in the cabin. Christian and Evangeline choose to be the engineers while Christopher and Valentina choose to be the pilots. As the Padawans choose their roles, AD-3 tells the Engineers to pick the right object and return to their consoles. She also tells the Pilots to click the button on their consoles if they are the pilot. Master Beq reminds the Padawans that they can use their headsets at anytime to help their partner get the right answer.

Master Beq asks the engineers the first question and reminds them to retrieve a tile for their correct answer. He asks them the material that the villagers' homes made off. Evangeline is the first to answer and picks a brick. Master Beq tells her that is incorrect. After finding that Christian has picked up a tile showing stones, he says that is correct. Orange Team gains one point.

Master Beq then asks how many villagers were evacuated by the soldiers. Christopher correctly answers that is was 40 villagers, gaining the Orange Team two points.

Master Beq then asks both pilots and engineers the third question. He asks about the alleged danger that was detected in the area. Valentina correctly responds that it was a gas leak, giving the Blue Team one point. Orange Team leads by two to Blue Team's one. AD-3 remarks that this is getting intense.

Master Beq asks the engineers to retrieve a tile showing the item that Ryla's brother forgot. Evangeline retrieves an Ewok but Master Beq points out that is incorrect. Christian retrieves a red and white stuffed tooka, which Master Beq accepts as correct. He awards the Orange Team three points. AD-3 adds that the Orange Team is two points closer to winning the Knowledge trial. Master Beq thanks AD-3, who says that puns are her strength.

Master Beq asks the pilots the color of the leaking gas. Valentina correctly replies that it was blue. Their scores are three to Orange Team and two to Blue Team. Master Beq reassures Blue Team that they are still in this and to use the Force. AD-3 adds her headsets, prompting Evangeline to smile. Blue Team gains two points.

Master Beq then tells the engineers to retrieve a tile showing the shape of the soldiers' helmets. He reminds them to communicate. Evangeline correctly answers that their helmets were square. Blue Team gains three points, putting the two teams at a tie.

Master Beq asks the pilots how many armed soldiers walked into the village. Valentina logs in first and says ten, giving the Blue Team four points. Master Beq tells the Blue Team that they are one point closer to winning. AD-3 adds that they are very close while Master Beq tells Orange Team that they are two more points closer to winning.

Master Beq asks the engineers what Ryla was taking pictures off when the soldiers arrived. Evangeline retrieves a wooden convoy bird. Master Beq tells her that she is correct. He tells Blue Team that they have complete the Trial of Knowledge and will be moving on to the Jedi Temple. AD-3 mumbles temple repeatedly while LX-R5 beeps.

In a show of good sportsmanship, Christian and Christopher shake hands with Evangeline and Valentina. AD-3 praises them for their sportsmanship. Master Beq addresses Christian and Christopher, telling them that he is proud of them for putting their all into the trials today. He reassures them that their path to becoming a Jedi is not over but that they must return to the Jedi Order to continue their training.

In a follow-up video, Christopher says that they are okay but disappointed because they could have also won if we did things a little differently like working on their memory skills and also our team work. Master Beq wishes that the Force will be with them before sending off. One of the brothers says thank you as they exit the Athylia.

AD-3 remarks that Master Beq loves using the Force instead of the door button. Beq admits that is the case. Master Beq tells Evangeline and Valentina that they have completed the Trial of Knowledge first and will receive two holocrons, which they will need because they are headed to the Jedi Temple. AD-3 says ooh.

Master Beq tells the Padawans to take their seats. After the sisters have climbed into their seat, he tells that he has entered the coordinates to the Jedi Temple and that there is only one thing left to do. Beq and AD-3 shout punch it as the Athylia enters a hyperspace tunnel. The Athylia approaches a rocky world, orbited by two moons.

Temple Trials[]

Outside the Jedi Temple, Master Beq congratulates Evangeline and Valentina for making it to their final trial: the Jedi Temple. AD-3 mumbles temple repeatedly while LX-R5 beeps. He tells that they will face a series of obstacles inside that Jedi Knights may encounter throughout the galaxy. He tells them to leave their hilts here. If they are successful in the Temple, they will get their crystal which will power the sabers. He explains that the kyber crystals are inside the Temple.

AD-3 reminds them to bring their holocrons because they will need them. Master Beq says he will be outside focusing on the Force to keep an eye on them. He warns them that the dark side will tempt them to take the easy path forward but warns them to choose wisely because it may make a later challenge more difficult. LX-R5 beeps. Master Beq asks if the Padawans are ready to enter the Temple. The sisters say yes. Beq tells them that time is of the essence before sending them off.

Evangeline and Valentina scale the Summit Scramble and reach the Galaxy Globe where they will need to work together to match the correct color combination of the flashing orbs on the control panel. The two sisters work together to find and match the colors. After an unsuccessful attempt, Master Beq tells them to pay attention to the color combination. The second attempt doesn't work and Team Blue tries again, successfully completing that challenge.

Evangeline and Valentina split up and slide down the slide into the garbage masher where they have to work together to assemble the correct color code to unlock the doors. The two sisters work together to find the correct color-coded panels to place on the console. One of the sisters takes the lead and guides her sister.

The dark side voice tempts the Padawans by daring them to touch the dark side object. He casts doubt on their judgment and abilities. As the sisters work together to match the pieces, the dark side voice reiterates his offer to give them an easy path out. The dark side tries to drive a wedge between the sisters by imploring one of them to press the button. However, Evangeline and Valentina managed to match the panels and unlock the doors. The dark side voice screams in frustration.

Having overcome the temptation of the dark side, Team Blue enters the Power Circuit chamber where they must attach circuit connectors in corrector order in order to open the door. The two sisters work together to find the pieces with Master Beq telling them to pay attention to the markings on the circuit board. Master Beq and AD-3 encourage the Padawans to work together. The two sisters work together to match the pieces. Master Beq and AD-3 fear that they are running out of time and won't have enough time to complete the challenge. The two Padawans manage to complete the Power Circuit challenge and scale the frigid ridge.

Near the top, one of the sisters slips, causing their ropes to get entangled. The two sisters have to try the challenge again. They scale the ridge but run out of time. Master Beq tells them that they have unfortunately run out of time and tells them to return to the entrance of the Temple.

Taking a step back[]

As Evangeline and Valentina exit the Jedi Temple, AD-3 reassures them that they were so close. Master Beq explains that the ice trial is a difficult one with AD-3 adding that she couldn't do it. Master Beq commends the sisters for their teamwork. Even though they did not complete the challenge today, he tells them that their determination allowed them to overcome the dark side. Master Beq tells them that they are on the right path and foresees that they will become extremely talented Jedi. LX-R5 beeps while the voice of Yoda tells them that there will always be trials but that they will become Jedi Knights one day.

In a follow-up video, Evangeline says that she feels very proud about how well they did. For Round One, she says that she was very excited to do the obstacle courses and that it was really fun. We ended up winning the Trial of Knowledge. Valentina says that the questions weren't hard because they listened to the story. Evangeline says that they could probably have done better but accepts that they tried their hardest and that is what matters.

Master Beq, AD-3 and Yoda wishes that the Force will be with them always.


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