"We're looking at the first year of Caleb's life because this is before he took the name Kanan. We're looking at the first year of Caleb's life after Order 66, the day before, and about give or take a year after. This is not designed to be, just to be clear, sum total. It's not like this will completely fill in the gap of Order 66 and 'A New Dawn.' This is a hugely significant event in his life, obviously, very seminal for him, but it's not designed to be encyclopedic."
―Greg Weisman, on the setting for The Last Padawan[src]

Star Wars: Kanan Book I: The Last Padawan is the first story arc of Marvel Comics' series Star Wars: Kanan. Written by Greg Weisman, it began publication on April 1, 2015 and comprises six issues.[4]


Color code key:
Collected (TPB) issue Released issue Future issue
Issue Title Publication date Trade paperback Hardcover
1 "Part I: Fight" April 1, 2015 Kanan Volume One cover.jpg
Vol 1 —
The Last Padawan

November 3, 2015[5]
Kanan Omnibus hardcover.jpg
Kanan Omnibus[6]
December 20, 2016[6]
2 "Part II: Flight" May 6, 2015
3 "Part III: Pivot" June 10, 2015
4 "Part IV: Catch" July 22, 2015[7]
5 "Part V: Release" August 19, 2015[3]
6 "Epilogue: Haunt" September 23, 2015[3]


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