Destroyer is the fifteenth story-arc in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series of comics.

Plot SummaryEdit


When the warrior woman Jarael confesses her dark past to the young adventurer Zayne Carrick, he sees an opportunity to repay her previous help to him. Through a series of schemes, Zayne undermines the customers of the Crucible, a shadowy organization involved in the slave trade.

Jarael's first reunion with the group she reluctantly worked for as a teenager ends with the rescue of several slaves. However, Zayne realizes that the job will be a big one requiring the help of all his crewmates. Confidences are shared- and plans are formed.

But the leadership of the Crucible is aware of Jarael's return and Zayne's involvement. Their number includes the deadly Chantique, connected to Jarael by undying hate. And, indeed, much more than that...



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