Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Exalted is the ninth story-arc in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series of comics.

Plot summary[]

On Coruscant Lucien Draay is given a seat on the Jedi High Council. After the ceremony he is contacted by Haazen, who delivers astounding news – Celeste Morne has returned with success. Meanwhile Moomo Williwaw lands on Odryn, the homeworld of Feeorin. Jarael, disguised as Celeste Morne, and Moomo Brothers, carrying a big crate, are escorted by Borjak to the Sanctum of the Exalted. After Borjak leaves, Zayne Carrick and Marn Hierogryph emerge from the crate and using Celeste's key, the company enters the Sanctum. Inside they find countless Sith relics and artifacts, covered in green shell, shielding them from the Force. Soon, Jarael and Ithorians leave, while Zayne and Gryph stay to gather the pictures of what Jedi Covenant is doing. About a day and a half later they decide that they have enough evidence and prepare to leave, but on their way back to Moomo Williwaw they are spotted and captured by the Feeorin. To make matters worse, Jedi Master Feln arrives to deal with Carrick personally.[1]

Feln contacts Lucien and describes him the situation. Both come to conclusion that Zayne has killed Celeste and took her key and Muur Talisman. Lucien gives Feln an order to destroy the Sanctum if its safty is compromised. At this moment Haazen enters the conversation and strictly forbids Feln to destroy the Sanctum. Leaving Lucien and Haazen argue with each other, Feln decides to deal with Zayne Carrick first. But when he is about to strike him down, he is stopped by Borjak, who reminds him that Rime Feeorin forbids to harm with weapons anyone who has been inside the Sanctum of the Exalted. Feln decides to fight Zayne hand-to-hand, but Zayne hits him first and runs away. When Feln catches with him and is about to finish him, he is stopped again – this time by the news that Moomo Williwaw has returned to the system. Believing that Zayne's friends are about to raid the Sanctum, Feln decides to execute Option Ossus and detonates the charges planted underneath it. But the explosion destroys not only the Sanctum, but also the entire Feeorin village. First shocked by the act he committed, Feln decides to finish Zayne off once and for all. He heads back to his mount for his lightsaber, but – just as in his Vision on the Rogue Moon – finds only a wooden stick in its place. In this moment Borjak stabs him in the head with a primitive knife and declares that by destroying the Sanctum Feln has violated the Rime Feeorin, which allows the Feeorin to change the rules. Badly wounded and unable to defend himself, Feln is killed by the furious villagers.

This evening Zayne and company are parting with Borjak, the new Exalted, and prepare to depart Odryn. First distressed by the loss of all of their evidence, Zayne and Gryph are encouraged again when they find out that Moomo Brothers had stolen some artifact from the Sanctum in the same crate they brought Zayne and Gryph in. On Coruscant Q'Anilia and Xamar discuss the death of Feln with Lucien. He encourages them to continue their mission and reveals that he has told Admiral Saul Karath on Swiftsure that Zayne will be raiding Coruscant for Mandalorians, knowing that Karath will want to stop him. He order Xamar to join Karath within an hour, despite the fact that the prophecy has Xamar dying next, among the Republic Navy, shot by the friendly fire. Unable to talk Lucien out of it, Xamar decides to deal with the threat in his own way.[3]



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