"This is one of those storylines that has more threads running through it than immediately meets the eye."
John Jackson Miller[src]

Reunion is the third story-arc of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series of comics. It consists of issues 11-12.

Plot summary[]

After the showdown at Flashpoint, the Last Resort arrives on the banking planet of Telerath, where Camper tries to take money from one of Gryph's accounts by posing as "Baron Hyro Margryph." Unknown to the crew, the banker assigned to them is Zayne's father, Arvan Carrick, who ends up captured by two Ithorian bounty hunters, the Moomo Brothers. These two hunters were contracted by Jedi Master Raana Tey in an attempt to use Arvan as bait.[1] When Zayne learns about both developments, he begins an operation, aided by Gryph and Camper, to rescue his father and investigate the actual occurrence. This operation consists mainly of Gryph pitting the two Ithorians against each other and planting false information, while Zayne infiltrates the Moomo Brothers' ship and eventually results in Arvan being freed; as he is convinced that Zayne did not commit the Padawan Massacre, he assists his son in unlocking the account and withdrawing the funds. In return, Zayne directs his father to a safer workplace—the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine.[2]



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