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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3 is a canceled video game in the Knights of the Old Republic series and is a follow up to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. According to designer John Stafford, "we got quite a bit of traction... we wrote a story, designed most of the environments/worlds, and many of the quests, characters, and items." However, when the game was close to starting development, LucasArts hit a difficult period in the company's history which led to the project being canceled.

Plot summaryEdit

In Rogue Leaders: The Story of LucasArts, a 2008 reference book by Rob Smith covering the history of LucasArts, nothing is told of the plot of the game except that one of the characters in the game was a female named "Naresha." Artwork of an unknown female character is also featured in the book. Due to the game being canceled, all story, events, characters and places that were scheduled to appear in this game are considered to be non-canon unless they appeared in prior media.


Confirmed crew members include John Stafford, the lead designer of the game, as well as Molly Denmark and Cory Allemeier, two of the artists.


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Taloraan Knights of the Old Republic 3

Concept art of Taloraan by Molly Denmark


In March 2007, the news of a spin-off to The Sith Lords was made official when "Aristotle," owner of a Knights of the Old Republic fansite, interviewed several staff members at LucasArts.

Later in the year, Electronic Gaming Monthly reported in the rumors section of their May 2007 issue that BioWare had hired an online team to work on a massively multiplayer online role-playing game based on the Knights of the Old Republic series.[2] The game, Star Wars: The Old Republic, was finally and officially announced in July 2008 by EA CEO John Riccitiello.[3]


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