Star Wars: Legacy: Broken was the first story arc in the Star Wars: Legacy comics.

Plot Summary[]

Set in 130 ABY, Cade Skywalker—the descendant of Luke and Anakin Skywalker—is caught in a battle between his fellow Jedi and the One Sith. After Cade's father, Kol Skywalker, is slain, a number of surviving younglings and Padawans escape onto a shuttle bound to leave the planet. When the shuttle is followed into space by a squadron of Predator-class TIE Fighters, Cade takes to an assault fighter and lures the squadron away from the shuttle. When the shuttle is destroyed, Cade is presumed dead.

Seven years later, Cade is found living his life as a pirate in denial of both his last name and his abilities in the Force. Cade's mentor, Wolf Sazen, has never stopped looking for him, and once they reunite Cade must again face his potential destiny as a Jedi and as the last Skywalker.


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