Star Wars: Pit Droids is a game released by Lucas Learning in 1999. It is intended for users age 9 and up. You have to guide a number of pit droids to the Mos Espa Grand Arena from the droids' freighter. The game was re-released for iOS on February 9, 2012, but it was later removed from the app store.


The pit droids go through 300 different puzzles, each randomly selected for eight levels. The droids proceed from their freighter before finally reaching the Mos Espa Grand Arena. In each puzzle, you need to get 48 droids into the portal; if you get only a few number of droids, you advance with only that number. With each puzzle you complete, you gain points. Each level you unlock, you get a humorous pit droids clip. The levels are located in Tatooine.

There are many different numbers of different types of obstacles and restriction. With different types of arrows, you can also make your own puzzles.

Depending on the puzzles, there are certain factors:

  • Different tools- wrench, ladder, gas tank, cases, or nothing. Sometimes there are obstacles which give your droids tools;
  • Different colored heads, body, or same colored head and body. Sometimes there are painting obstacles that paint the body or head;
  • Square or Hexagonal grid;
  • Space between droids- if you have space, you can cross droid paths, with out it, they crash when approaching each other;
  • Crashing or Falling- when approaching the end of the stage or an obstacle of some sort, they either crash or fall. On some puzzles, they just wait.

You must complete each puzzle with logic, problem solving, critical thinking, and visual thinking.

Other game modes include creating a puzzle, or playing a scenario that has already been installed into the game.

Opening crawl[]

In the high-stakes sport of Podracing, urgent
and determined pit droid mechanics can mean
the difference between victory and defeat…
when they stay out of trouble.

The Toydarian junk dealer Watto, eager to keep
his shop well stocked, is always on the lookout
for the next big deal.

Looming over the desert planet Tatooine is
the largest shipment of pit droids Watto has
ever purchased, threatening to overrun
all of Mos Espa unless someone gets
them under control…


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A version of the game was released for the iTunes App Store in 2012, but it was later removed.


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