Star Wars: Racer Revenge is the sequel to the podracing game Star Wars Episode I: Racer. The game takes place in 24 BBY and focuses on Sebulba getting his revenge on Anakin Skywalker. The game features 13 tracks with 22 pilots in all. There are some changes from the old game, such as refinements for the ability to knock out other pilots. There are also five hidden characters in this game. The game was originally released on February 13, 2002 for the PlayStation 2. It was made available to play via PlayStation Network 13 years later, first for the PlayStation 3 on April 28, 2015, and later the PlayStation 4 on November 17, 2015.

Racer Revenge features seven new podracers not appearing in the previous game: Knire Dark, Shrivel Braittrand, Occo Ninebar, Kraid Nemmeso, Wan Sandage Jr., "Scorch" Zanales and Tzidik Wrantojo. Some podracers from The Phantom Menace were left out of Racer Revenge. These podracers are Ratts Tyerell, Neva Kee, Elan Mak, Ark "Bumpy" Roose, Ebe Endocott, and Boles Roor. Neva Kee was featured in many images of early versions of the game. None of the secret characters who appeared in Star Wars: Episode I Racer are present, and Tatooine is the only world to be featured in both games. In addition, Episode I Racer's new characters, such as Slide Paramita, Fud Sang, Toy Dampner, Bozzie Baranta, and Navior, do not appear, although Fud Sang's flag does appear during some tracks.

Opening crawl[]

It has been eight years since SEBULBA, Galactic Podracing's most notorious champion, met his downfall at the hands of a young ANAKIN SKYWALKER. Humiliated by his legendary Boonta Eve defeat, SEBULBA eventually disappeared from the Podracing circuit.

Meanwhile, Podracing's underground allure has continued to spread. The vehicles are bigger and faster, and the pilots more aggressive.

Now at the opening of a new Galactic Podracing season, there is an unexpected challenger on the horizon. Emerging from seclusion with a dangerous new Podracer, a crew of sadistic henchman, and a murderous vendetta, SEBULBA at last has ANAKIN in his sights - and he is bent on revenge . . .

Tournament structure[]

Galactic Trials[]

  1. Mos Espa Open
  2. SoroSuub Facility
  3. Orotoru G'am
  4. Watchtower Run

Podracing Open[]

  1. The Brightlands
  2. The Badlands
  3. The Ballast Complex
  4. Ruins of Carnuss Gorgull

Hutt Championships[]

  1. Serres Sarrano
  2. Grand Reefs
  3. Citadel
  4. Nightlands
  5. Boonta Eve Classic



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Kraid Nemmeso races through the Badlands of Tatooine.

Neva Kee in an early version of the game.


Droid models


Sentient species

Vehicles and vessels

Weapons and technology

  • Defense
    • Light Harness Pad
    • Heavy Harness Pad
    • Reinforced Sheath
    • XBA-20 Engine Buffer
    • XBA-40 Engine Buffer
    • XBA-60 Engine Buffer
    • Single Power Absorver
    • T32 Power Absorver
    • T44 Power Absorver
    • T100 Dual Power Absorver
    • Phase 3 Carbon Plating
    • Phase 5 Carbon Plating
    • Durasteel Armor Plate
    • Moleculary Bonded Armor


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