Star Wars: Rebel Assault II Official Player's Guide was a strategy guide published by Infotainment World Books for Star Wars: Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire. It was written by Jeff Hoff, who wrote it while the game was in the final stages of production at LucasArts in 1995.


Chapter 1 contains all of the cheats and passcodes for the various levels of the game.

Chapter 2 contains hints and tips for the various levels. The developers of each level give you valuable information about what to do in certain situations. Each level is broken into the different sections and the tips are laid out so that you could read them fairly easily and quickly.

Chapter 3 talks about the difficulty editor, and how you can minimize and maximize the settings. They also offer up tips on three difficulties relating to Realism, Testing (how the testers used the difficulty editor) and the Ultimate Test (Not for the faint of heart).

Chapter 4 talks about how they came up with the idea for Rebel Assault II, and why they went with the technology they did. It features interviews with designers and profiles.

Chapter 5 discusses how Vince Lee worked with various storyboard artists and designers to come up with the various levels seen in the game. The approach used is much like how modern movies use storyboards and animatics to figure out scenes and special effects in movies.

Chapter 6 goes into detail about the graphics used in the game at the time. At the time, this game featured models and techniques that were new to video games.

Chapter 7 talks about the music, sound and production of Rebel Assault II. Vince Lee hired a live action director and they put together blue screens that would match up to the game footage. One technique describes the process as the game designers looking at the motions of Rookie One in a shooting stage, mapping those motions in front of the 3D stage, and the director shooting the actor to match the movements made by the designers. The designers then "paste" the actor over the 3D stage and animate him where they need him to move.

Chapter 8 discusses the process of taking the live-action video and making it into the game. It shows various character shots in their original blue screen formats, and the process to make them look like they are sitting in the cockpit of an X-Wing or other vehicle. There is also discussions on how they compressed this video to fit on the Compact Discs of the time.

Chapter 9 is all about the testing of the game and the testers used.

Finally, there is an appendix that lists the game's cast and crew.

Also, in the middle of the book, there is an eight page full-color insert that shows some of the processes listed in chapters 4-8 above. This way the reader can see the processes in color instead of black and white shown in the rest of the book.



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