Emissaries to Malastare was the third story arc in Star Wars: Republic. In some of Dark Horse Comics's comics listings it is titled Jedi Council: Emissaries to Malastare.

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In a time after the events of Episode I — The Phantom Menace, half of the Jedi High Council travel to the exotic world of Malastare to negotiate a peace treaty between two of that planet's warring factions. But the whole affair is being manipulated by a secret, third party out to assassinate the Jedi! Add in the fact that Malastare is one of the few planets to allow the dangerous sport of Podracing and you can be sure that the Jedi are in for some extreme action! This story features many familiar characters from The Phantom Menace and continues the ongoing adventures that bridge the gap between Episodes I & II!


Although the events of the story clearly take place after The Phantom Menace, an opening note in the trade paperback erroneously claims that they occur shortly before the Battle of Naboo in that film.

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