Star Wars: Republic: The Battle of Jabiim was the fourteenth story arc in the Star Wars: Republic series of comic books. It consisted of issues 55-58. In its collection, it was divided into two parts, Blood and Rain and Thunder and Lightning.

Plot summary[]

The Grand Army of the Republic is fighting the Separatists and the planet Jabiim is caught in the middle. Republic forces are on the advance, leaving their Shelter Base unprotected. The charismatic leader of the Separatist forces on Jabiim, Alto Stratus, leads an attack on the base, leaving many clones dead. Obi-Wan Kenobi was presumed dead after the attack. His Padawan Anakin Skywalker joins the masterless Padawan Pack and slogs through the campaign, attempting to secure the planet and its valuable ore.

Stratus' attacks have left the Republic army reeling, and reinforcements from Count Dooku help turn the tide. A break in the weather allows Republic gunships to land, and Supreme Chancellor Palpatine contacts Skywalker and tells him to evacuate what is left of his forces. As Skywalker speeds away, the Padawan Pack starts dying one by one. The last Padawan, promising apprentice Aubrie Wyn, kills Stratus as she herself dies. When Skywalker boards the transport, he discovers there is not enough room for the Jabiimi loyalists. He force chokes one to force them back, and loyalists curse Skywalker's name as he leaves them to fight their own battles. Meanwhile, a wounded Kenobi is picked up by droid forces and sent to Castle Ventress on Rattatak for interrogation.



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