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Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike is the third entry in the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron video game series, released in 2003 exclusively for the Nintendo GameCube, developed by Factor 5 and published by LucasArts. It is currently a Player's Choice title.

It added to its predecessors the ability for the player to depart their starship and join a land battle as well as enter land vehicles such as an Imperial AT-AT and AT-ST during certain missions.

The game is divided into two campaigns, Wedge Antilles's and Luke Skywalker's, plus a Battle of Endor campaign where the player takes control of Luke, Arvel Crynyd, and Chewbacca. It also has the campaign of the previous game in multiplayer co-op mode and various VS modes.

Opening crawl[]

Rogue Squadron III
It is a dark time for the
Rebellion. Though the Death
Star has been destroyed,
the Empire remains intent
on crushing the Alliance.

A massive Imperial fleet
has invaded the Rebel base
on Yavin 4 in an attempt to
capture the Rebel leaders,
enacting swift retribution
for the Alliance's earlier

In the face of this assault,
a small squad of freedom
fighters led by the heroic
to escape the planet for a
new secret base....


Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike is a space-combat simulator, like the other entries in the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series. For the first time in the series, it is possible to play missions on foot or in a ground vehicle.



During the Galactic Civil War, the ace pilots of Rogue Squadron fought in numerous battles, from the early Battle of Yavin to the pivotal Battle of Endor. Led by Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles, the squadron proved instrumental in the war.



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Luke Skywalker led Rogue Squadron in numerous battles, from rescuing defectors to fighting on the icy plains of Hoth. After Skywalker left to become a Jedi Knight, Antilles took over the command of the squadron and led them on several secret missions.


Left campaign (Luke)[]

Right campaign (Wedge)[]

Final levels[]

A-wing interceptor

Bonus missions[]


By type
Characters Creatures Droid models Events Locations
Organizations and titles Sentient species Vehicles and vessels Weapons and technology Miscellanea



Droid models



Organizations and titles

Sentient species

Vehicles and vessels

An AT-AT from Rebel Strike

A TIE Interceptor from Rebel Strike

Weapons and technology




There are five different multiplayer game types: Dogfight, Rampage, Tag and Defend, Special, and co-op.

  • Dogfight is a simple one-on-one battle in the spacecraft of your choice.
  • Rampage involves players getting points via destroying things.
  • Tag and Defend is the most complicated. Players must control certain buildings. You generate 1 point per 15 seconds per building you control. Buildings you control automatically begin building defenses. You can capture enemy buildings by destroying them. Whoever reaches the point limit first wins.
  • Special is composed of races through well-known Star Wars locales and and a version of Rampage but with ground vehicles.
  • Co-op is a campaign style of play. Most of the co-op levels are single-player levels from Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader, with minor changes.


Promotional image from Rebel Strike

The three arcade games based on the original trilogy are included as bonuses. Star Wars is unlocked after finishing "Death Star Rescue," The Empire Strikes Back after "Triumph of the Rebellion" and Return of the Jedi is only available through a cheat code (specifically, "!?ATH!RD GAME?YES").

After the player beats the game, the unlockable special feature The Making of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike can be opened.

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