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Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike: The Official Guide was a strategy guide published by Nintendo Power for Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike. On the back of the strategy guide, the guide misspelled Boba Fett as "Bobba Fett."


  • Introduction
    • Gameplay Modes
    • Flight Control
    • Starfighters
    • Character Control
    • Ground Vehicles
    • Campaign Breakdown
  • Luke Skywalker's Campaign
    • Tatooine Training
    • Revenge of the Empire
    • Defiance on Datooine
    • Defenders of Ralltiir
    • Extraction from Ralltiir
    • Battlefield Hoth
    • Trials of a Jedi
    • Sarlacc Pit
  • Wedge Antilles' Campaign
    • Raid at Bakura
    • Relics of Geonosis
    • Deception at Destrillion
    • Guns of Dubrillion
    • Fondor Shipyard Assault
  • Endor Campaign
    • Speeder Bike Pursuit
    • Triumph of the Rebellion
  • Bonus Missions
    • Death Star Rescue
    • Escape from Hoth
    • Flight from Bespin
    • Attack of the Executor
    • Rebel Endurance
  • Cooperative Campaign
    • Rogue Reborn
    • Death Star Attack
    • Ison Corridor Ambush
    • Battle of Hoth
    • Prisons of the Maw
    • Razor Rendezvous
    • Vengeance on Kothlis
    • Imperial Academy Heist
    • Raid on Bespin
    • Battle of Endor
    • Strike at the Core
    • Bonus Mission: Death Star Escape
    • Bonus Mission: The Asteroid Field
    • Bonus Mission: Endurance
  • Versus Mode
    • Versus Mode Overview
    • Dogfight
    • Rampage
    • Tag and Defend
    • Special