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Star Wars: Shadow of Vader was a five-issue comic book miniseries that focused on Darth Vader's influence on the galaxy across eras. Each issue would have followed a different character or group, reflecting on how their encounters with Vader changed their lives.[3] Chuck Wendig was originally announced to write the miniseries, but was fired from Marvel in October 2018 after a series of negative political tweets attacking the Republican Party in the wake of Brett Kavanaugh's contentious Supreme Court nomination. According to Wendig, at least issues 4 and 5 of the miniseries would no longer be written by him.[2]

During New York Comic Con 2018, Wendig told the attendees what each issue would have been about: the first issue was an homage to Friday the 13th, with Vader hunting down kids at a summer camp; the second issue involved the Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back background character Willrow Hood; the third issue centered on a morgue attendant on the Death Star battle station; the fourth issue diverged to focus on the Acolytes of the Beyond, first seen in Wendig's The Aftermath Trilogy; and the fifth issue followed a New Republic pilot—whose parents were killed by Vader—who joins the Resistance only to learn that Leia Organa's father was none other than Vader himself.[1]

The series was to be published by Marvel Comics starting November 2018,[1] but was delayed until February 2019 as it wasn't mentioned in January's solicitations.[4][5] Wendig later speculated at his Twitter account that perhaps Marvel would hire a new writer to rewrite the first three issues or that the series has been cancelled.[6] On November 15, 2018, however, Marvel officially confirmed via Bleeding Cool that the series had effectively been cancelled.[7]


IssueTitlePublication dateTrade paperback
1Shadow of Vader 1Star Wars: Shadow of Vader
2Shadow of Vader 2
3Shadow of Vader 3
4Shadow of Vader 4
5Shadow of Vader 5

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