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Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire: Game Secrets was one of two strategy guides published by Prima's Secrets of the Game for Shadows of the Empire.

How to Use This BookEdit

Each chapter of this book provides detailed walkthroughs of every stage of the game's 10 sections. There is a set of specific hints, called "Empire Busters," at the end of each stage. These hints usually pertain to the stage they follow, but often apply to any section of Shadows of the Empire. An appendix explains the pros and cons of each of the four "prizes" you receive after wrangling all the challenge points for a skill level. This book is written for the game's default skill level (medium), but strategies and challenge point locations remain the same regardless of the level you play. Killing enemies will be hard­er or easier, depending on your chosen skill level. Included is a set of winning strategies— and, indeed, if you follow this guide you will defeat the game. However, playing a compli­cated game like Shadows of the Empire inevitably leads you to develop your own route to victory. Remember, this book is merely a guide outlining one or two strategies for each chal­lenge in the game. Use it to enhance areas of game play you find difficult, not to restrain your creative instincts.

Skill Level DistinctionsEdit

There are, of course, four skill levels in Shadows of the Empire. This book is written from the perspective of the default (medium) skill setting, but the strategies remain the same regardless of your skill setting. However, skill levels differ perceptibly; most differences involve how much damage you deal and receive.


First of all, I'd like to say that writing this book was a blast (quite literally). Shadows of the Empire was/is an incredibly engrossing experience and working on this book certainly did not seem like work at all. Well, OK, it-did seem like work. But it was fun. My hat goes off to everyone at LucasArts that had a hand in developing this game, but special thanks must go to Brett Tosti, Darren Johnson, Mark Halgh-Hutchinson, and Eric Johnson for providing quality support and a helping hand whenever I needed it. To the crew at Prima I must again offer sincere thanks. Dan Francisco, Juliana Aldous, and Scott Schrunn all knew exactly what to say to prop up my ego when the crunch was on, and for that I am grateful (and surprisingly well adjusted). I would point out Connie Nixon's truly exceptional design, but that speaks for itself. Thanks also goes to Chris Balmain, who guided this book with a fluffy iron hand from start to finish. Don't be fooled, Chris is the real thing, we'll all be working for him one day. Lastly, I'd like to thank Kent Fillmore for getting me into this business, and Chris and Emily Parsons for just being themselves.


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