"The patented metal card set you are holding is an official Star Wars product made under license by Metallic Impressions. Inside are full color reproductions of the cover artwork shown on the six comics published by Dark Horse Comics. On the back of each card are narrations of the story line from that issue and a reproduction of an actual panel from inside the comic. We have made every effort to create a unique metal card set, manufactured to the most exacting standards, that will endure as a treasured collectible of these illustrations."
―Metallic Impressions[src]

The Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire Embossed Metal Collector Cards were a limited edition set of six trading cards released by Metallic Impressions in 1997 as part of the larger Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire multimedia project. Each of the set's six cards respectively featured on their front sides color reproductions of the cover artwork used for the six issues of the Shadows of the Empire comic series. The cards' backs featured narrative storyline from the respective comic issue along with a reproduction of a panel from the comic.

Card list[]

  • ISSUE 1: Xizor's Plan Revealed
  • ISSUE 2: Rescue Attempt on Gall
  • ISSUE 3: Wanted: Luke Skywalker
  • ISSUE 4: Leia Meets Xizor
  • ISSUE 5: The Trap is Set
  • ISSUE 6: Han Delivered


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