Star Wars: Spaceships is a children's book published by Scholastic[2] on September 1, 2009.[1]

Publisher's Summary[edit | edit source]

On Earth, cars go vroom, but in space the Millennium Falcon goes ZOOM!

A perfect introduction to the Star Wars universe, this board book features the names and images of the most iconic spaceships coupled with simple text, as the Millennium Falcon, TIE Fighters, and X-Wings blast across outer space.

Designed for the young Jedi-in-training, Star Wars: Spaceships will take children to a galaxy far, far away...into an epic story that was a defining moment for many of today's parents.

The Force is strong with this book.[1]

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The book features images and descriptions for Star Wars spaceships across its twelve pages.[1] The spreads are the Imperial Star Destroyer, Millennium Falcon, TIE Fighter, X-Wing, B-Wing, and Death Star.[3]

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