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Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge is an action-adventure VR experience created by ILMxLAB in collaboration with Oculus Quest that will be released later in 2020. The experience will connect to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge that involves Batuu. It will be set between the events of Episode VIII The Last Jedi and Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker and involve Black Spire Outpost.[1]

Differently from previous VR products by ILMxLAB, Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge transitions to storyLIVING, where players are inside a world making consequential choices that drive their experience forward, rather than the previous format of storytelling. As such, it will give players the opportunity to live their own action-packed adventure and explore parts of the galaxy. The original story will feature new and returning characters with multiple styles of gameplay and difficulty settings in order to accommodate a wide range of players.[1]


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