Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge (Original Soundtrack) was jointly composed by Bear McCreary, Joseph Trapanese and Danny Piccione for the video game Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge. The official soundtrack was released digitally on December 3, 2021.[1]

Track listing[]

The tracks are listed by the order of the original soundtrack.

Total Time: 1 hours 32 minutes

Track Composer Length
Batuu Wilderness Bear McCreary 11:05
Tara Rashin Bear McCreary 2:55
Guavian Death Gang Bear McCreary 7:48
Baron Attsmun Bear McCreary 6:49
Dok-Ondar Treasures Bear McCreary 3:30
Age of Jedi Joseph Trapanese 3:32
Shadows Joseph Trapanese 4:58
Ady's Theme - Hyperdrive Joseph Trapanese 2:50
Pinteeka Dub Danny Piccione 2:36
Desert Dance Danny Piccione 2:32
Ghenza Shuffle Danny Piccione 3:03
Cyinarc Danny Piccione 2:25
Azu Ragga Danny Piccione 3:08
IG-88 Joseph Trapanese 15:25
Life Wind Joseph Trapanese 2:55
Sacred Garden Joseph Trapanese 4:07
Patience Joseph Trapanese 1:53
Fountain - The Message Joseph Trapanese 1:27
The First Order Bear McCreary 2:48
I Would Do It Again Bear McCreary 3:17
Tales from the Galaxy's Edge End Credits Bear McCreary 2:37

Previous Releases[]

The tracks "Tara Rashin", "Pinteeka Dub" and "Age of Jedi" had previously been released on ILMxLAB's YouTube channel, on the 11th, 12th and 13th December respectively, though "Tara Rashin" was titled "Tara's Theme" and "Tara Rashin" and "Pinteeka Dub" were released in shortened versions on YouTube.[2]

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