"[B]ut I think it's okay to say that I go a little bit in The Dirty Dozen and Guns of Navarone direction with this one. Which works because they're a band of misfits and they're sneaking around, which is very much like The Dirty Dozen. […] The electronics are in full force at times and so is the orchestra. One of my specialties is I play a bunch of fretted instruments and I have a thing called the guitar viola, which is a bowed guitar, like a cello, but different. I play that soloistically in a very haunting way with a vocalist a few times. So, I'm definitely pushing things. I'm trying to continue to explore."
―Kevin Kiner[src]

Star Wars: The Bad Batch was scored by Kevin Kiner, Sean Kiner and Dean Kiner, Peter Lam, Nolan Markey, and David Glen Russell,[2] with Mark Evans serving as studio personnel and mixer. Produced by Kevin Kiner, the soundtrack for Star Wars: The Bad Batch was first released on May 14, 2021, beginning with the track "Enter the Bad Batch."[5]

Volume 1 of the soundtrack, comprising episodes one to eight, was released on June 25, 2021; Volume 2 of the soundtrack, which comprises episodes nine to sixteen, will be released on August 20 of the same year.[3]

The score features the "Bad Batch Theme" from Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The Final Season (Episodes 1-4) and introduces "Omega's Theme." The two themes are played in the end credits of The Bad Batch episodes, with the former theme representing Clone Force 99 and the latter representing the character Omega, who debuted in the series premiere, "Aftermath."[6]

The soundtrack also uses motifs from other Star Wars media. Such as "The Imperial March," hinted at in the track "Civil War About to Begin" and featured prominently in the track "End of the War," which also uses "The Force Theme" and "The Emperor's Theme." The mystery motif is used in "Battle Simulation", while dies irae is used in "Caleb at the Cliff" and "Danger at the Market." An incidental motif from A New Hope plays in "End of the War."[7]


"Bad Batch is more of an evolution of Clone Wars than Rebels was. Rebels was kind of a reboot and a different way of thinking about things. Bad Batch comes directly from Clone Wars. They're the weird clones, they're misfit clones with special skills and special crazy personalities. So, the score definitely grows from Clone Wars, just like Clone Wars grew from or changed throughout its run."
―Composer Kevin Kiner[src]

Kiner stated that since The Bad Batch is more of a direct sequel to Star Wars: The Clone Wars than Star Wars Rebels, the score for the new television series evolved directly from The Clone Wars.[8] "Omega's Theme" was co-written by Kevin Kiner and his sons Sean and Dean. Kevin Kiner played the solo guitar viola instrument for the track "Zygerrian Camp," and produced Volume I of the soundtrack, which was released with 37 tracks and[1] 118 minutes worth of music.[7]


Volume 1[]

"I don't know what we're calling that track, but it's the one with the guitar viola and the vocalist. But that will come out when we release the music from the first four episodes, I believe. I don't have specific titles, but it's a soloistic kind of cello-sounding thing. I really had fun, but it's really different. It's something brand new that I came up with more of my voice than other things I've done."
―Kevin Kiner[src]
  1. Logo (Star Wars: The Bad Batch) - 0:19[7]
  2. Omega's Theme - 2:59[7]
  3. Civil War About to Begin - 3:22[7]
  4. Onderon - 3:07[7]
  5. Battle Simulation - 4:47[7]
  6. Experimental Tactics - 2:35[7]
  7. Omega Warns Hunter - 2:35[7]
  8. Caleb at the Cliff - 3:02[7]
  9. End of the War - 3:18[7]
  10. Tension with Crosshair - 3:55[7]
  11. Disobeying Order - 4:53[7]
  12. First Time in Space - 2:08[7]
  13. Nexu Attack - 1:58[7]
  14. Raising Kids - 3:32[7]
  15. Smuggled Themselves - 4:48[7]
  16. Ordo Moon Dragon - 4:25[7]
  17. First Elite Squad - 3:57[7]
  18. Financial Incentives - 3:24[7]
  19. Danger at the Market - 3:14[7]
  20. Pantora Chade - 3:13[7]
  21. Fennec Shand - 2:41[7]
  22. Zygerrian Camp - 3:23[7]
  23. Muchi Unchained - 2:59[7]
  24. Monster Challenge - 2:27[7]
  25. Decommisioned Factory - 4:26[7]
  26. Police Droids 3:57[7]
  27. A Diversion - 3:32[7]
  28. Stranger at the Bar - 1:28[7]
  29. To Bracca - 2:33[7]
  30. Stay Above the Water Line - 3:03[7]
  31. Chip Disorders - 3:35[7]
  32. Bomb Disposal Training - 2:47[7]
  33. Incoming Vessels - 2:27[7]
  34. Fight in the Artillery Room - 2:45[7]
  35. Breakaway Plan - 3:50[7]
  36. The Bounty Hunter Is Back - 2:30[7]
  37. Cid's Jukebox Mix, Vol. 1[7]

Total - 118 minutes[7]

Other releases[]

  1. Enter the Bad Batch[5]

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