Star Wars: The Card Game Core Set—also called the LCG Core Set or, simply, the Core Set—is the first release for Star Wars: The Card Game, manufactured under Fantasy Flight Games' Living Card Game—or LCG—product line.

Publisher's summaryEdit

The characters, starships, and situations of the original Star Wars trilogy come to life in Star Wars™: The Card Game, a head-to-head Living Card Game® of tactical combat and strategic planning that allows two players to wage cinematic combats between the light and dark sides of the Force.

Command such legendary characters as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Organa, Boba Fett, and Darth Vader. Launch strategic assaults against your opponent's objectives. Tempt fate in thrilling edge battles. Seek to make an ally of the Force or master its power for your own purposes.


The Core Set contains 240 cards, divided between 117 light side cards, 117 dark side cards and 6 Force cards. It also includes the rulebook for playing the game, and over 100 tokens required to play the game. The objective sets included in this core box focus on four affiliations: Jedi, Rebel Alliance, Sith, and Imperial Navy. Two additional objective sets are included, respresenting two respective affiliations: "Scum and Villainy" and "Smugglers and Spies."

Card listEdit

1. A Disturbance in the Force
2. A Hero's Journey
3. A Journey To Dagobah
4. A New Hope
5. A-Wing
6. Ancient Monument
7. Admiral Ackbar
8. Admiral Motti
9. Advisor to the Emperor
10. Aft Armor Plating
11. AT-ST
12. AT-ST Commander
13. "Backstabber"
14. Battlefield Engineers
15. Twi'lek Loyalist
16. Black Squadron Assault
17. Black Squadron Pilot
18. Blaster Pistol
19. Boba Fett
20. Bounty Collection
21. C-3PO
22. Cloud City Casino
23. Common Ground
24. Control Room
25. Corellian Engineer
26. Coruscant Defense Fleet
27. Counsel of the Sith
28. Counter-stroke
29. Crossfire
30. Cruel Interrogations
31. Dagobah Training Grounds
32. Dark Alliance
33. Dark Side Apprentice
34. Dark Precognition
35. Darth Vader
36. Death and Despayre
37. Death from Above
38. Death Star Trooper
39. Decoy at Dantooine
40. Defense Protocol
41. Defense Upgrade
42. Detained
43. ISB Interrogators
44. Devastator
45. Shadows of Dathomir
46. Double Strike
47. Heroic Sacrifice
48. Duty Officer
49. Hidden Outpost
50. Emergency Repair
51. Emperor Palpatine
52. Emperor's Royal Guard
53. Ewok Scout
54. Fall Back!
55. False Lead
56. Fleeing the Empire
57. Fleet Commander Center
58. Fleet Officer
59. Force Choke
60. Force Lightning
61. Force Rejuvenation
62. Force Stasis
63. Grand Moff Tarkin
64. Han Solo
65. Heat of Battle
66. Heavy Blaster Emplacement
67. Heavy Stormtrooper Squad
68. Hit and Run
69. Questionable Contacts
70. Home One
71. I'm On the Leader
72. Sith Library
73. Imperial Command
74. Imperial Officer
75. Human Replica Droid
76. In You Must Go
77. Covering Fire
78. Interrogation
79. Interrogation Droid
80. It Binds All Things
81. It Could Be Worse
82. Draw Their Fire
83. It's Worse
84. Jedi in Hiding
85. Jedi Mind Trick
86. Jedi Training
87. Kuat Reinforcements
88. Leia Organa
89. Lightsaber Deflection


The Tallon Roll

90. Log Trap
91. Looking for Droids
92. Luke Skywalker
93. Mandalorian Armor
94. Corporate Exploitation
95. Forgotten Heroes
96. Our Most Desperate Hour
97. Mission Briefing
98. Mon Mothma
99. Fall of the Jedi
100. Nightsister
101. Obi-Wan Kenobi
102. Jedi Lightsaber
103. Orbital Bombardment
104. Outer Rim Hunter
105. The Emperor's Web
106. R2-D2
107. Rancor
108. Rebel Assault
109. Guardian of Peace
110. Secret Informant
111. Rebel Sympathizer
112. Rebel Trooper
113. Red Five
114. Red Two
115. Redemption
116. Repair Droid
117. Rescue Mission
118. Last Minute Rescue
119. Return of the Jedi
120. Rookie Pilot
121. Rumors at the Cantina
122. Shii-Cho Training
123. Mobilize the Squadrons
124. Stolen Plans
125. Stormtrooper Elite
126. Espo Trooper
127. Reconnaissance Mission
128. Superlaser Blast
129. Superlaser Engineer
130. Swindled
131. Take Them Prisoner
132. Tallon Roll
133. Target of Opportunity
134. Tear This Ship Apart
135. The Bespin Exchange
136. Kuati Security Team
137. Intimidated
138. The Defense of Yavin 4
139. There Is No Escape
140. The Endor Gambit
141. The Hand's Blessing
142. The Heart of the Empire
143. The Rebel Fleet
144. The Secret of Yavin 4
145. The Ultimate Power
146. TIE Advanced
147. TIE Attack Squadron
148. TIE Bomber
149. TIE Fighter
150. Trench Run
151. Tribal Support
152. Trooper Assault
153. Trust Your Feelings
154. Believer in the Old Ways
155. None
156. Twi'lek Smuggler
157. Twist of Fate
158. Astromech Droid Upgrade
159. Vader's Lightsaber
160. Vader's TIE Advanced
161. Viper Probe Droid
162. Wookiee Navigator
163. X-Wing
164. X-Wing Escort
165. Y-Wing
166. Yoda
167. You're My Only Hope
168. Yub Yub!
169. Heat of Battle
170. Target of Opportunity
171. Twist of Fate
172. Jedi
173. Rebel Alliance
174. Smugglers and Spies
175. Sith
176. Imperial Navy
177. Scum and Villainy


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