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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Live Fire is an online game released in July 2008 on as part of the advertising campaign pertaining to Star Wars: The Clone Wars much like Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Sharpshooter.

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The game takes place on the planets of Teth and Christophsis which have been overrun by Separatist battle droids. In the form of a clone trooper, the player must collect datapacks on these planets, before they fall into enemy hands.

The player can upgrade his or her clone by typing in a "secret password" given in Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Sharpshooter, and it is also possible to customize one's clone by choosing color markings and equipment. The passwords given in sharpshooter are "cody" (30-100% accuracy), "ridge" (60-100% accuracy, 2 troopers added), "wolffe" (60-100% accuracy, 4 troopers added), "waxer" (70-100%, 4 troopers added) and "droidbait" (80-100% accuracy, 4 troopers added).

As you progress, you can get more powerful guns, from a DC-17 hand blaster, to a DC-15S, then a DC-15A blaster rifle, and finally a Z-6 rotary blaster cannon.

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